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As a lifestyle business owner you are not interested in fitting yourself into anyone else’s idea of who you should be or how your should run your business. You’re looking for true lifestyle freedom, or you have achieved it and are looking for support from someone who understands.

You’re in full understanding that EVERYTHING we do affects EVERYTHING ELSE. We are one whole system not a “business person” or a “mom” or a “partner” or a “healthy person” or a “creative” in separate boxes. We are all things all of the time and once we embrace that we can run businesses that fit us so perfectly we can achieve that joy of never having to work a day in your life because you are so in love with what you do!

Plus – Lifestyle! THAT comes first. Life always come FIRST.

I am NOT your hustle coach. I’m your FLOW coach. If this is vibing with you, keep reading. I think you’re going to love what you find.

This coaching is for you if:

  • You’re Creative and Don’t Fit In “The Box” – You know what box I’m talking about. The one where you feel like you’re suffocating when you have to follow the processes and learn the rules. You’re not a rule follower, you’re a lifestyle creator! You love to create new things and see where life takes you and you love to build businesses along the way.

  • You Need a Business & Lifestyle Boost – You’ve got something going on already. You know who you serve and what you offer but you know it’s time to take it to a new level. You realize that the things holding you back could go so much beyond needing a better website or to hire a copywriter. You know you need a holistic lifestyle business approach and you’re ready to have a guide in that area.

  • You’re a Self-Starter – You take action. You don’t need anyone to push you to create a product or post on social media or send an email. You know you offer value to the world and you know that they need you. That’s the BEST feeling and you’re just ready to feel it more often.

  • You Want Someone Who Gets You – Family doesn’t understand your business. Friends try hard but just don’t get it. You need someone you can talk self-care, mindset work, meditation, journaling, healthy living and of course all the business techniques, tactics and results too (social media, email marketing, websites, salespages, more!)! I get you, you’re not a one-size-fits-all person and you need someone who won’t try to paint you into a corner with expectations of doing it the way “everyone else does” … “Nobody puts baby in a corner” ?

Who this coaching is NOT for:

  • If you’re looking for a coach who is "by the book" – this coaching is not for you. I like to skip to higher levels whenever possible!
  • If you’re looking for a coach who will tell you what to do – this coaching is not for you. I will inspire you to be a LEADER, not a follower.
  • If you’re looking for a coach who will make you money – this coaching is not for you. YOU will be the one making you money – I believe in you!

I’m so FREAKING excited to offer you this coaching.

I do request that you commit to being a client of mine for three months because with one month we’ll just get into a groove but by three months you’ll see more progress.

The kind of coach I am:

Hey! I am assuming if you’ve made it to this page you probably know a bit about me already. Here’s the Coles Notes version (do people still know what Coles notes is?!):

I’m a 45 year old mom of two amazing kids. I got started building businesses when my son was four months old and I looked into his little face and decided I never wanted to go back to the career in Chemical Engineering Technology I had just got started in. It took me a few years but in May of 2007 I quit a temporary factory job I had taken while building businesses and NEVER looked back.

I have been creating an income online ever since. I have had the experience of working with successful businesses as a Virtual Assistant, Website Designer and Affiliate Manager. I have build many different types of businesses to profit including those services mentioned plus a Writing Agency, a WordPress Training Program, Online Training Membership and more.

I grew my business year after year despite various challenges as a single mom, poor money management, buying a first home, breaking an ankle and having a high-attention child. Through it ALL I grew and I learned to be a better, healthier, more mindful person! I love to teach others what I’ve learned! In 2018 I hit six figures in my business and am growing from there.

Here’s what you can expect from me as your Holistic Lifestyle Business Coach:

  • Empathetic – I’m not a hard-ass. I won’t kick your butt. I’ll try to understand you and respect you. We are equals.
  • Goal-Oriented – Don’t mistake my freestyle, creative vibe for lack of business focus. I set goals and hit them. I will support you in doing this, too.
  • Client-Lead – I will be responding to your needs. I don’t bring my own agenda. We work together where you are at and you bring that.

How Holistic Lifestyle Business Coaching Works:

  1. We start off with a questionnaire so I can get to know and understand your business and where you are at now.
  2. You’ll get unlimited coaching access to me, Monday to Friday, via messenger or email – up to you (we can use voice chat in messenger, too, it’s GREAT). Ask as many questions as you like, no limit. I usually get back to you very quickly and failing that, within 24 hours.
  3. Additionally you get unlimited coaching calls. That's right. We'll hop on zoom, usually for 15-20 mins at a time, as needed, anytime from Monday to Friday AND within reason. Obviously I can't do this all day every day BUT I've never had a client abuse this so I don't want to give you a limit. If we need five calls one week to get you somewhere and one call the next week I'm totally cool with that! 
  4. You’ll also get access to any relevant products I have, as needed.

This coaching is a 12  month commitment. Payment in full for coaching saves you $1200 over the monthly program I would normally run (not currently open). I am ALSO adding an extra month at no extra charge ($400 value). For 13 months of personal coaching your price is $3600. I know people who charge this for three months or even a month of coaching! I know the value of this offer and I'm making it this price for the FINAL time, next time, if it becomes available at it, the price will be well above what's listed here. 

If the full year program just isn't right for you right now, I have a monthly option, with a three month commitment, too. 

Here are some examples of the kind of things we can work on together (not limited to these options):

  • Strengthening Your Mindset – I will spot in many of my clients some mindset and confidence talk that I know is holding them back. As we discuss your website or your products for sale I may notice that the words you say are holding you back. I’ll bring it up and we’ll work on that, if you’re open to it.
  • Creating Products That Sell – I’ve been creating digital products since 2008 and I know how to create a product that sells. I’ll help you with ALL aspects of this process from choosing the software to giving feedback on your outline to looking at the salespage and more.
  • Lifestyle Topics & Challenges – I’m a mom of a teen boy and a kindergardener girl. I’m a wife. I’m a multi-passionate person who loves to hear all sides of the story. I’m not one person or one thing. Neither are you. You have my support in building your business AROUND life and if that’s not where you are right now, let’s get you there!
  • Health, Energy & Activities – Want to talk increasing your energy and adding activities to your day, or productivity hacks. Want to talk health and wellness and how to be your best you physically? I have been working on this for many years and have plenty of advice and suggestions.
  • Accountability – Some of my clients prefer to do a daily email accountability where they share with me what they plan to work on and what they accomplished from that list. It’s very motivating to know someone is actually going to look at your to-do list every day!

If you would like to discuss coaching with me connect with me on Facebook Messenger (fastest) or email at

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