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Business Model: How to Sell a Workshop a Month

Hey… I just meant to record a short video showing you how I use Coach Glue content but I ended up recording a pretty thorough explanation of how I make money selling workshops & downloads. 

How to Sell a Workshop a Month & Build a Recurring Income Business:

It’s only 22 minutes long but I think it’s so useful you’ll want to watch it twice. Maybe put it on double-time the first time so it takes 11 mins, then watch again and take notes on regular speed for a total of 33mins. 

I think that 33 mins could give you a business model you can take and create lifestyle freedom with, a recurring income base, a live you love, even! 

If you happen to grab it and go for it I’d LOVE to hear how it goes. Please do check in. 

Nothing to sell here, not really.

I do mention how I use Coach glue.
I tell you the business model in full detail.
I also share how my Brand Takeovers and Brand Builds work. 

Building a Sustainable Business – Passive Recurring Income Examples

You may know that in February of this year I purposely closed up my membership site and cancelled tens of thousands of dollars of recurring income. It was a BIG deal. That was a BIG leap of faith. 

My family relies on me to help pay the bills so I needed that income but I had huge trust in my abilities to move the dial and recreate that income. Recreate it I did or in large part. 

HOWEVER I’ve spent the last seven months in a mode of constant SCRAMBLE to earn an income. Every month starting from $0 or close to it in income and having to find the customers I need to meet my obligations. 

It was not fun. Not fun at all. 

I haven’t been in this position since the early years of my business, around, 2009 or so, when I had little to no recurring income. 100% no recommended. 

Building Recurring Income

If you want a business where you are not in a constant hustle for money then I highly recommend you start implementing recurring income into your business NOW. 

I had been working with some form of recurring income since 2010.When you have recurring income you have:

Peace of mind knowing money is coming in no matter what new marketing you do. A baseline of income you can build on. The ability to take a break when you need it, or rest, or plan, create strategies, etc. 

In the months of this year that I’ve been seeking just the right income to recreate I’ve identified four types that you might want to consider seriously. 

Here they are ranked in order of commitment required to implement:

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Network Marketing
3. Subscription Offers
4. Membership Site

Quick notes on each:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

It costs no money to join an affiliate program. If you pick one that is on a recurring payment, like Aweber (affiliate link), you can get paid year after year for making ONE sale. You did the work one time and then a person pays month after month and Aweber sends you that commission monthly (or yearly if they pay yearly).

Pretty awesome, right?

Take a look!

Here’s my Aweber stats. I haven’t promoted this program since around 2016-2017 and yet I’m still making money. A small bit, for sure, but if I’d had put more than minimum effort in that could still be a nice recurring income right now: 
The key to making this kind of recurring income work is to find affiliate programs that have staying power, like email software. 

2. Network Marketing

I’m not suggesting you join a company that makes it’s distributors buy the product and that’s where the recurring income comes from. 

Find a company with a PRODUCT that is sold to the customers that has some sort of recurring or reorder or add-on order system that creates the environment for you to earn and KEEP a customer long term. 

Network marketing has the additional recurring value of earning a commission on the team you build as well. 

I fell in love with Juice Plus for the products. Initially it was the Tower Garden.

Shortly after I discovered the whole food supplements which are something that people buy already. Knowing the supplements are far superior to most of what’s on the market and that people take them and reorder certainly caught my attention! 

With Juice Plus one customer can stick with me for YEARS, just like you can create in affiliate marketing.

3. Subscription Offers

You can easily add subscription offers to a product or service you offer regularly. 

It’s less of a commitment than a membership site but with the same kind of perks!

 I decided I’m going to do a minimum of one workshop per month at Party Plan DivasDivas so at the same time as launching the first workshop for $35 I also offered a $20/month workshop subscription

About half the people who signed up took the subscription! That was a fast way to start building my recurring income with my own offer. 

4. Membership Site

The membership is the “all-in” option when you know that you want to really dig in with your community and offers for the long-term. 

A membership site has so many rewards but it’s a big commitment so you want to be ready. 

The power of community can’t be denied.

It creates amazing bonds with your community and can lead to even bigger things (think coaching, group training and conferences/ retreats, etc). 

If you want to learn about how to build a highly successful membership site I can’t think of anyone better to teach you than my close friend Cindy Bidar. Cindy’s membership, Six Figure Systems, has over 400 members and she built her membership from the group up just a few short years ago.

That’s VERY impressive! 

Cindy is my accountability partner, we talk EVERY day. There isn’t someone I trust more to deliver you an excellent training on the topics she offers. We’ve met in person several times and have know each other about 15 years or so! Here’s a picture of us at a beach retreat for business owners:

I asked Cindy if she could sneak me a discount on her membership training and she gave me 40% off. If you’d like to grab it at the link below I’ll also include my own training, Membership Impact, for free. 

Here is it:
Membership Site Mastery – Coupon Code: MEMBER40

Whatever you do – please take recurring income seriously. Not only is a lifesaver on the month to month… it’s ESSENTIAL when life pops up. What if I can’t work for two months for whatever reason? Right now I’d be REALLY concerned but I’m on it – I’m building up my recurring income so that when life comes up and gives me a knock (it happens to us all), I’ll be ready! 

Wishing you all the best and lots of lifestyle freedom! 

Are you playing to your skills?

Hey there! Do you feel like you’re in limbo right now waiting for 2020 to end? 

It’s a weird little week, the one between Christmas and New Years. Some of us are buckling down to get a jump on the new year and some are taking a very well deserved rest.

Today I wanted to talk with you about how LOST I got for the last seven years. 

This just occurred to me this week and it was some sort of freaking epiphany. 

Here’s what happened:

I had my daughter Ella in 2014. In the time before that I always wrote ALL my products. I took pride in my ability to make things easy to understand, I loved the connection I could make with the written word and I was a FAST writer (am a fast writer) so I could whip out content quickly basically writing my heart out and feeling really good about the good I was putting out into the world. 

Then my sweet, determined, head-strong, powerful, wonderful Ella came along.

And she CONSUMED my world and I kind of got sucked up whole for a while.

Yes, dramatic I know but if you knew Ella you’d know how very appropriate that is plus I’m practicing emoting in my writing again so it fits 😉 

It made sense at the time that I couldn’t write. I had literally 30 mins some weeks in those first few weeks to even try to think about business. So I didn’t do webinars or continue my writing habits and I did decide to put that down, but I think I meant for it to be temporary.​​

For three years after Ella was born I DID NOT SLEEP.
She work up every 2-3 hours for three years. And yaya sleep training, yaya good for me lol I am stubborn and would not let her cry and didn’t want her to sleep in my bed. Stubborn I tell you but that also equals determined and persistent.

So… three years I was a mommy zombie. NO IDEA how I ran my business in that time.

Then I was another year to recover and we’re into year four. 

Then in years five through seven I just got lost… I just FORGOT what I was really good at.

And then last week I remembered.

I used to write and write and write.

I used to connect and make a difference and make a big impact.

I used to get emails all the time about how my courses and my writing and my work made a difference. 

During the pandemic I got a message on Linked In from a guy who had taken one of my courses about six years ago and because of my course he didn’t miss a beat during this time. THAT is what I am craving again. I don’t want to make a little blip of a difference like helping someone get 100 people on their email list. I want to help people change their lives and I think my BEST BET at doing that is doing what I’m best at.

And that, is writing.

I’m a Writer.

It’s so weird that I FORGOT that. 

I blame baby brain. Then I blame just kind of thinking I wasn’t a writer anymore and I wanted to do something else. Then I also blame just getting out of the habit of writing.

So all that changes for me now. 

As you can tell I can write today.

I also got a keyboard where the keys don’t stick (yahoo game changer lol). 

In 2021 my goal is to write a minimum of 1000 words a day. I’m close already with this email/post but I also have products and salespages to write. 

I’m excited!

But let’s get back to YOU. 

Here’s why I’m telling you this. Ask yourself these questions:

What are you GOOD at? What is it that you do with ease and makes the most impact? Did you forget and get lost like me? Can you find it again?

Here’s something to help you with this. I came up with this idea that we can equate much of what you can do with online business to typical “jobs” that everyone knows about, like Writer. If you look at these jobs and see where you fit in with your skillset and desires and impact then you may find where you need to focus your attention. 

Here are the jobs:

  • Teacher – Create classes, live trainings and opportunities for you to teach.
  • Reporter – Report on what you know, what you’re doing, what works via blogs, emails, social, etc.
  • Coach – Work one on one or in groups with others to make big impact.
  • Writer – Consistently write and affect and impact with your words (courses, blogs, social, etc).
  • Speaker – Show up and speak and help people through your words AND expression.
  • Salesperson – Sell stuff! You don’t have to create it, even, if you’re the affiliate.
  • Manager – In this work you’ll need a team or you’ll work for someone with a team.
  • CEO – You’ll build a business to the point you can be hands-off.

I don’t fit into just ONE of these jobs. I would say I’m Writer, Teacher, Report, Coach and Salesperson at this point but my MAIN JOB is Writer now that I’ve come to my senses and seen how I have ignored my greatest skill for far too long! 

Where do you fit? I’d love to hear! Hit reply and let me know. 

How to Sell Anything

People think running a business, especially online, is complicated.

It’s not.

We’re seeing so many local businesses close their doors and it’s so tragic and heartbreaking that it’s happening on a large scale.

Changes over time often result in business owners having to change and shift. That part is not new.

Entrepreneurs know that people ALWAYS need and and want things and they are willing to exchange money for that, even in times like these.

The only option anyone is to continue to look for those needs, continue to listen, continue to be creative and a leader who sees to the needs and wants and provides a solution.

And, of course, the lower the cost for you to fill that need the lower the risk to you as a business owner.

That’s why I choose an online business after exploring all kinds of options… manufacturing, wholesale and retail of physical products, services, agency and more.

I landed on selling information and coaching because the actual costs of running the business are so low. The margins can be about 90% or more profit if you build organically and use just the basics or they can go up to 50% or not if you run a team and ads and use higher end tools but it’s all my choice.

I also earlier this year got back into physical products through a Network Marketing business. This kind of business allows me to serve a need without having to manufacture, wholesale, create packaging, create marketing materials, manage sourcing ingredients or hiring and managing employees. The company does all that and I share a product that has been impacting my life and my business. It’s a win for sure.

The theme here is that I’m not attached to running any particular “brand” or “store” or “product” particularly (though I am quite in love with Juice Plus at the moment).

What I am attached to now and always is SERVING MY PEOPLE.

I am fiercely determined to help you live an amazing life.
I am fiercely of the belief I can help and you can have transformation.

And HOW we figure that out isn’t nearly as important to me and making sure it happens.

So when I need to change things or sell something different of flip my business on it’s head to make this happen for you I’ll do it.

THAT is how you sell anything.

People ALWAYS want and need things. If I’m willing to do the legwork to make it easier for them to get what they want then I know I can ALWAYS be of service.

And this is where I get my calm, patience and clear demeanor even during a pandemic.

There was certainly no panic for me when hubby started saying “but people won’t have any money!”… Yes, he was in a bit of a panic at the start and I think he feared my income wouldn’t continue as it was. I knew it would and I knew it could and so I had no fear.

The old way of convincing people to buy what you’ve got CAN be done but it never feels good when you’re a person who’s in touch with integrity, honesty and being as ethical as you can.

The way of being of service ALWAYS feels good because you’re in it to actually HELP people, not convince them to part with their money.

Today I found out the Juice Plus website has been updated and I’m so excited how many MORE people I’ll be able to help get essential nutrition during this time where it’s more important than ever to have a strong immune system. Take a look here! EeekS!

Yesterday I announced to you a new product called “How to Create Pretty eBooks in Canva“. Price goes up on Thursday. Check that out if you’re looking for a way to jump into the world of serving people through products.

My very first digital product was an ebook. I had about 10 people give me feedback and then I went on to sell about $300 worth of that product. Not much but to me it meant SO MUCH because it showed me what was possible with an online business. That little ebook turned into the business I have today. Don’t underestimate the power of your ability to help people with your words!

Let’s talk again soon and please do hit reply and say hi or tell me what you think anytime, to any email.

If this email is helpful to you please share with someone you love or like ?

p.s. I have three coaching spots available for 2021 coaching. If you’d like my unlimited 20 min focus calls and email coaching Mon-Fri then do check this out. I close it Dec. 31st. Holistic Lifestyle Business Coaching Click Here (means you get coaching on all aspects of life that affect your business and we work together to see you as a whole person who is building a wonderful full business AND life!).

Types of Income for Lifestyle Business Owners

A lifestyle business is a business where you put life FIRST.

You truly own each and every day.

It’s a different kind of business than the tradition sense because freedom precedes all other goals and priorities.

In order to make this lifestyle happen you MUST be aware of the kind of business you are creating and then PURPOSEFULLY do what delivers you maximum impact AND time freedom.

Here are the categories I’ve decided are most important for me:

When I quit my job in 2007 I was all active income.

I gave ZERO consideration to what I wanted my life to look like.

At the time I was a single mom with such LOW self-confidence and self-esteem that all I wanted was to replace my income from the $3000/month factory job I had. Not that it’s bad to make $3000/month, there’s no shame in that BUT I just didn’t dare to dream any bigger and I didn’t dare to think to do anything other than the only thing that had worked to make me actual profit since I had started five years previously.

So I sat at my desk and I served my clients as a Virtual Assistant.

My clients were happy! I did great work!

But my life SUCKEEEED.


My son saw just the back of my head for about 8 months straight and that was after having me as a mom who was moonlighting to build my business for nine months before that. Now my parents were just upstairs so they played with and helped with him all the time while I head-down focused.

But for all that work, all that “active income”, I was working hard but not smart at all.

My time was NOT my own.

It got to a point where I quit. I was going to go back to work.
I went for ONE job interview and I did not get it.
I decided to build a BETTER business.

So in 2008 I created my first course.
In 2009 I started growing my affiliate marketing income.
In 2010 I created a signature program.
In 2010 I started running membership sites.

That’s a combination of ACTIVE, RECURRING and PASSIVE incomes, there.

I encourage you to take 10 minutes, go on, right now and think about what income types you have in your business TODAY.

Then think about the lifestyle they afford you. Is it what you want?

Yes? Good! You’re on track.
NO? That’s ok! It’s time to make some new decisions, though.

I would LOVE to hear your results. I’ll even give you my thoughts. Shoot back an email at and tell me where you’re at.


p.s. Membership Impact is my program that will guide you through an EASY process to create a successful membership site. Join here!

Giveaway of My New Program: Membership Impact

I started running membership sites back in 2010 for a very specific reason and that was to LEVEL out my income.

When I was launching my WordPress courses, that were going GREAT, my income was like a roller coaster ride that I did not like being on.

I made the decision to start a membership so I could have a base of income each and every month that supported my essential bills. This would alleviate the stress of having to hustle just to pay the bills and allow me to do my work above and beyond that!

Memberships have many other advantages, too:

  • Your greatest fans WANT to keep spending money with you. You make it easy for them with a membership and so you keep getting paid from your top fans.
  • The know, like and trust factor increases significantly with your members. They start to be like a family of customers that are more loyal and dedicated to your offers than a traditional customer.
  • Your higher end offers will be sold easier and more often to your members than anyone else. Things like coaching, VIP days, retreats or large training programs are a perfect fit to sell to your members.
  • You get to experience the effects of compounding income. This means over time your business grows and compounds into bigger and bigger income because of the recurring nature of the payments.
  • You’ll become known as an industry leader because of your commitment to your community and your dedication to the content.

Membership sites are well worth considering and, if it’s right for you, making happen!

Membership Impact is my new program to teach all I’ve learned over the last 10 years to run successful membership programs. It was time for me to spill all the beans. We start on Nov. 9th and right now you can join for only six payments of $35 or one payment of $170.

I thought it would be awesome to do a giveaway of this program.

One person will be gifted my full program.

How to Enter for This Giveaway:

  1. Share this post on social media. Facebook or Twitter are most ideal, or Linked In if you’re more active there.
  2. Read the full page on Membership Impact HERE
  3. Comment below that you shared AND why you’d like to join Membership Impact

Make sure you do ALL THREE of the items above in order to qualify for the giveaway.

Winner will be posted on this post.

Thank you so much!

How to Always Know What to Sell

How do you decide what to sell in business?

I get this question often.

The answer to how I decide what to sell is simple.

I sell what I’m excited to sell and what I think will help someone.

Example 1. Memberships

I’ve been running membership sites since 2010. It stabilizes my income. It allows me to know I’ll have constant recurring income. I know I can teach this to others. I know it can be useful and powerful. I also have asked members of my own membership if they’d like to learn how to create their own. They said an enthusiastic YES. So I’m excited to teach this and I will. I’m starting with a low cost ebook to test the response and I’ll likely do a masterclass or a full course or both.

Example 2. Juice Plus & Tower Garden

It’s important to me now more than ever to get healthy. I’m in a position right now where I eat better and have better nutrition than I ever have in my life. This change of lifestyle has created physical improvements in areas like skin, veins and mobility. I’ve seen the effect on my life and I’m very very excited to share these changes. It’s an easy decision to sell the products that were a part of creating these results for me.

So often people are looking for “the best product” or “the best service” to create or sell and they think the answer to that is outside themselves.

The answer is WITHIN.

The energy with which you approach each new project is transferred TO that project and if you come at it with a low energy because you have no attachment to it then it’s not likely to work, or if won’t feel fulfilling if it does.

What do YOU want to do?
What will make you feel excited to share?
What value can you offer?

If you’re coming up blank then just get out some paper and write out EVERYTHING you can think of that you like, that you’re good at, that is fun, that got you results, that improved your life etc… You’re almost guaranteed to find a few things to sell just from that exercise! 

How Do You Earn a Living Online?

I asked my business friends on Facebook how they make money on the internet. The answers were so varied and awesome.Check them out or add your own here. So many things from affiliate marketing, product sales, direct sales, network marketing, coaching, services and more!

There are SO MANY ways to build an income. 
There are SO MANY businesses that work. 

In today’s email I wanted to share with you a bunch of things I KNOW work, I’m earning money from them personally myself! A close family member has been asking me about online business and how to earn online. While there are so many options I wanted to give him the one I think he could hit the ground running with quickly. So I’ve copied what I wrote to him below.

Direct Sales & Network Marketing:

Here’s what I told him:

If you want an awesome product to sell with the best company I’ve been in you should join my team lol. If you like sales it’s only $52 to try. The tower garden is amazing and yes it’s expensive but I think really worth it (you’d have to believe that, too). The capsules are where you really get long time recurring income because people and their kids get them. The capsules are whole food. They are fruits and veggies that are juiced and dehydrated. 30 different ones giving lots of whole food nutrition.

Then they have shakes, too, which I’m sure you could promote. But look in not trying to convince you for my sake.. Just a thought for you. I’ve been in ten companies and this is the best I’ve seen for product, company ethics and mission, training and teams. Also I really believe in the products.. The capsules took away my varicose veins, eczema and sugar cravings and I realize how crazy that sounds but it’s because of all the extra nutrition. 

My plan is 3-5 years and I’ll have a significant recurring income here. And I do believe that’s doable with this one. I moved up fast with it but I do have a community it fit with. Lots of people do it online but I could see you doing it person to person.

Anyway like I said this isn’t about me! I’m not trying to convince you. I wish I had a magic answer for you. 

I said it’s only $52 but also you should buy something, too. So shakes and capsules probably on a four month plan so you can speak to the product. So then that’s $52 + $180ish/month (for four months or pay all at once if you want). You earn 10% commission on your initial orders and then more when you move up. Only telling you all that so you know the real cost. 

I have 10 people on my team right now. I’m growing my business quickly because my belief in these products and the business is so strong. The long-term potential is solid because when people try the capsules and see for themselves how good they are they stay on them. If you’re interested in joining my team just hit reply to this email or friend me here and message me  – I’d love to talk to you! 

Another Way to Make Money: Your Own Products

Since 2006 I have taken what I know how to do and turned it into digital training to help more people. 

For example I wrote my first training, Overnight VA Success Story, after gaining a lot of clients in one day, eleven clients. I knew how much other people struggle to get a client or two so I thought it would be a VERY useful training. It’s been so useful that I revived it last year, updated it and still sell it from time to time (right now you can only get it as a member of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity). 

I have also taught people how to make their own graphics, back in 2008 when it was harder to get software with amazing templates and easy to use tools. I’ve taught people how to build their own websites with WordPress, which was not that easy, either, back in 2010 when I started teaching that. 

Now I run a membership site, I have since 2014, so that I can earn ongoing, recurring, monthly income. 

Another Way to Make Money: Affiliate Marketing 

Yesterday I email you about the CARD DECK I made after taking Rosie Batista’s course and how excited I am about that. Rosie and I planned to do a webinar together months ago and I decided I wanted to do a card deck for my business. I bought her course and signed up for her affiliate program. 

Whenever there is a product I’m excited about and know I will use and love I look to see if there’s an affiliate program. I see people going about this backwards and looking for affiliate programs FIRST. 

Fall in love with a PRODUCT… then tell people about it. Make sure you’ve got an affiliate link and that’s affiliate marketing.

It’s telling people about something of value that you ideally have personally experience with. I think it’s a MUST because you can’t sell something effectively if you don’t know it and affiliate marketing is simply sharing what you love to earn a commission (that’s selling) 😉 

Another Way to Make Money: Services

I got myself OUT of services because I wanted total lifestyle freedom but there is certainly a time in many people’s lives when you CAN leverage what you know for an hourly rate for quick cash. 

Services are wonderful for transitioning from a job or another business into the life you want to live because they give you that immediate money. 

There are more but let’s put a pin in that and think about this:

Look I could go on and on here but you get the idea…

So if it’s not for lack of ideas what is holding you back? 

Fear is the biggest thing that stops people. 

But what if I fail? 

What is failure to you? Never making money? Not making enough? Are you doing that RIGHT NOW? If so then the only thing that causes you to “fail” is an inability to take action. 

I LOVE to learn and earn. If I make a bit of money and learn something at the same time, great! Some lessons I won’t make money from and some cost me money. No matter what I keep going and growing and learning. 

How about you? 

Will you take action on something today?

Will you join me at Juice PLUS+ >>> Message me on Facebook & let’s dive in together!
Will you join me and make a Card Deck with Rosie >> Sign up here for the free webinar! 
Will you join me at MEconomy and get one on one coaching to build this lifestyle >> Join Here! 
Will you join me by grabbing my retiring training on building your list >> Get it here! 

Choices make the world go round. I’m glad to have so many! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂 

People NEED Us: Why it’s time to show up and serve now.

Today on a meeting of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity I brought up two things I’ve been hearing multiple times in the last week or so:

  • “Covid has affected my business and now I’m out work.”
  • “I’m stopping my spending because I’m afraid all the job loss will affect my business.”

It’s true, things are different and times are changing but really that is NO DIFFERENT than what you could face at any other time in your life as you grow your business. 

It’s also really true that the only thing that stays the same is the fact that everything changes. 

My business is never set in stone. I’m more than willing and able to pivot my offerings and work mode to match what is happening in the world, in my family or in my life. 

The way I see it, you have two choices:

  1. Let fear keep you thinking there is LESS (opportunity, money, customers, etc).
  2. See the massive opportunity that comes with the changing state of the world. People need us now more than ever! 

I wrote my training, Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits, EXACTLY for times like this. The training teaches you how to first look at your lifestyle and decide what you want. 

And YES you deserve to design your lifestyle and work how you want EVEN during a global pandemic, ESPECIALLY during a global pandemic. 

So what do we do? How do we move forward? 

First, I think it’s important to take a look at the Levels of Consciousness chart. Here it is:

This chart shows where you are working from and by looking at it you can easily tell what you need to move through in order to work at a higher level in your life and your business. 

Me, personally, I’m usually in the Courage, Neautrality and Willingness stages. I sometimes drop down into Anger, Guilt, Fear. 

How true is the Anger part creates hyperactivity? Have you ever gotten into a fight with your partner and then start furiously cleaning? This is what happens when I get angry… I clean like a maniac which is kind of funny and also useful lol! 

BUT – we want to move into the ACTION phases and then into the areas of peak performances and where work feels so easy it’s just a joy! 

After you’ve set your mind to a higher frequency it’s time to LOOK for the opportunities that are all around you! 

What do you have to offer?

What have you offered previously?
What are your customers and clients needing? 

What could you create to solve a problem you see?

There are so many ways you could serve at any given time… it’s just a matter of believing that and taking action to make it happen. Do it today!

To help, I’ve create a webinar that goes live on Thursday, August 6th at 3pm ET. 

I’ll be sharing with you my story of how I’ve changed and pivoted in different life circumstances and how I went from job to services to products to freedom. 

Here’s what we’ll talk about:
How to take what you do well and offer it as a service for fast income and long-term business building potential.    

  • How to creatively pivot your current business or services to offer people what they need in our current world situation, and how to be the HERO they need right now. 
  • How to design what you’re creating so you create FREEDOM, and not a trap that sucks your time, so you work the number of hours per day that YOU want to work full stop. 

If you’d like to get the email reminders for this webinar, sign up here

I hope to see you there and if you can’t make it you can still sign up and get the recording. 

Wishing you nothing but the best and let’s just make 2020 a great year regardless of all the mess we need to wade through to get there 😉

(Real Examples) Ways I’ve made money online since 2002.

 (NOTE: Photo from my happy place by the local beach BEFORE quarantine – just so you know I’m following the rules 😉 ) Ways I have made money online since 2002: 

✔ Selling homemade soaps, bath bombs & bath & body products through an online shopping cart then mailing them to customers.
 I got paid directly from customers ordering from the website I created using the shopping cart software I set up. 

✔ Selling soy candles and building a team as part of a network marketing (direct sales or social selling as it’s now called).
 I got paid through the company when someone ordered the products or when my team members had orders go through for their customers. 

✔ Selling my services as a Virtual Assistant.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 

✔ Selling my services as an Affiliate Manager.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 
✔ Selling custom articles written by a team of writers (I owned a writing agency).
 I got paid when a customer ordered an article set. I paid my writers a set fee and kept the rest. 

✔ Selling my services as a WordPress Website Designer.
 I got paid when someone ordered a website setup to be completed by a certain date. 

✔ Selling courses on dozens of topics, .
 I got paid when someone registered for the course. 

✔ Selling digital training such as eBook, workshops, bundles of products, pre-created content and more.
 I got paid when someone bought the product through my website. 

✔ Selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.
 I get paid on a payout date after I send a company a customer. 

✔ Selling my services as a Business Coach.
 I got paid for providing coaching based on my vast experience and years of selling online. 

✔ Selling ongoing monthly support, community and training through a membership.
 I have run membership websites where people pay monthly (set up to automatically recur) for ongoing access. I’ve run memberships since 2010.  

Phew! Did I miss any? I’ll review later and see if I did. 

The point – I’ve been making an income online since 2002. I know how to do this. 

Right now is a time of great uncertainty for many people and it’s something we’ve never seen before but because I have earned money in so many ways I’m really not worried. I know that people have ALWAYS traded items and services for value. When it wasn’t money it was bartering. That isn’t going to change no matter what the world is going through.  

We WANT to be of service to each other and we all have different skills and abilities. Me – I’ve always been super curious to try new things. Even as I kid I tried every single craft and activity I can find. As an adult, as you can tell from the list above, I love to try different businesses and methods! 

This puts me in the unique position to have a perspective on a lot of ways you could build your business and help you find what will work for you!  

I LOVE when I match up with a person who I can help with what I’ve learned and so I’d like to wrap up here by telling you HOW I can help you: 

1. Group Coaching – I have a program running now with weekly group coaching. We have 50 people registered for this program and about 12 or so show up live each week. There’s room for YOU in the program and/or on the live call. I will teach you, week by week, what it takes to run an online business from the experience I’ve had in my 17+ years doing it. You can jump in ANYTIME! It’s not too late. On the payment plan your first payment is less than $30! Sign up here >> (coupon code: timeisnow) 

2. Member’s Community – My amazing community of people running their businesses online and doing so many creative things is something I’m really proud of! You can join us for only $37 or you can get a full year for $297 (OR – hit me up for an even better discount – shhh ;). Sign up here: 

3. Personal Coaching – I’d love to work with you daily, through email, and see what you’re working on. I help my personal coaching clients best when they send me a daily accountability message to tell me what they’re going to work on and then check in with me about what they completed the next day. This works! It keeps people motivated and gets them creating more results. I would normally charge $197/month for this coaching unless you commit to a full year but right now you can get coaching from me for only $97/month. Sign up here if you’d love to have me as your business coach! >> 

Who this is for: All my offerings are for people who already have a business idea and usually a website, an offer and they know who they’re talking to (who their niche is). These offers are not for someone who doesn’t understand anything about working online or who are questioning if they can offer value. I work with people who KNOW they have skills and value to offer and now just need the extra boost to move to the NEXT level. If that’s you – let’s chat (no pressure – send me a message). 

I look forward to working with you!!!