Minimalistic Blogging

This is my third blog post in a row about blogging.

I had a message for bloggers who fill their blogs with ads here.

Then I talked about how this blog is mostly unedited here.

Today I want to talk about how FREEING it is to just blog.

I’m mostly quit social media.

I have one site that I’m in the process of finding a buyer for that has thousands of followers on social media so as much as I’d like to right now I don’t feel good about dropping or deleting accounts that could be worth money. So I’m still ON social kinda, but my heart is elsewhere.

I’m ready to fully disconnect from both Facebook and Instagram once the site is sold.

I tell you this because when I write a blog post here I write a blog post here. I’m not worried about where I need to share it, what graphics I need to create, what images I need to add.

I don’t like stock images for blogs or even much for sites…they are just not real enough for me.

I gave myself permission NOT to need a picture with every post. This blog is words… if you’re not ready to read then this isn’t the place for you.

I gave myself permission to NOT worry about social sharing. If any of my posts end up being good enough to share on social media it’ll get shared but honestly I don’t know how I even feel about that. I’d rather you send it to someone via email, I think.

I’ve just decided that I won’t add social share links to this site, I’m definitely not maintaining social accounts and I’m not making special graphics for Pinterest, Facebook, IG, etc, etc.

I’m JUST blogging.

Content for you, here, now.

It’s VERY freeing.

I have written three blog posts here tonight after putting my daughter to bed, unplanned. It’s like my ability to write blog posts was suddenly unleashed after I removed all the old content from this site from my 2015-2021 membership site and decided to Keep It Simple and Minimal.

I went back to the classic blog format.
I decided to show the full blog post on the main page of the blog…

Easy peasy.

Content here and now with no hoops or fancy things.

We’re bombarded too much. I don’t want to add to that. I don’t want to show you dozens of things and have you try to make sense of it.

So… I’ve gone on long enough.

This blog is simply a blog. That’s it. And I love how free and clear that feels. I hope it makes sense for you, too.

This blog is mostly unedited.

I always thought of a blog to be an online journal.

A stream of thoughts and ideas… sometimes with a point and sometimes not.

A place to practice being a writer.

That’s what a blog meant to me.

These days blogs are used in many other ways.

My least favorite way is a blog full of ads.
Then there’s the content articles published in blog format.

I’ve halted my blogging more than a couple of times because I thought I had to do better, be better. Be more researched, more organized, more edited.

But naw, this blog is mostly unedited.

Hey if I spot a mistake I’ll fix it but I’m not here to show you how perfect I learned punctuation… I’m here for so much more than that!

Did you know that the word “blog” comes from “weblog” (web log) meaning it was/is a chronological “log” of someone’s life, activities, etc.

That’s what I intend to do here. I’ll be chronicling my continued adventures as a mom in business who LOVES new things, writes like she’s talking to a friend, can sell practically anything she finds worthy without being salesy and who has dedicated her business life to helping other moms run business that give them ALL the time they want to live life and enjoy their family!

I hope you like my little, mostly unedited weblog. 🙂