Business Model: How to Sell a Workshop a Month

Hey… I just meant to record a short video showing you how I use Coach Glue content but I ended up recording a pretty thorough explanation of how I make money selling workshops & downloads. 

How to Sell a Workshop a Month & Build a Recurring Income Business:

It’s only 22 minutes long but I think it’s so useful you’ll want to watch it twice. Maybe put it on double-time the first time so it takes 11 mins, then watch again and take notes on regular speed for a total of 33mins. 

I think that 33 mins could give you a business model you can take and create lifestyle freedom with, a recurring income base, a live you love, even! 

If you happen to grab it and go for it I’d LOVE to hear how it goes. Please do check in. 

Nothing to sell here, not really.

I do mention how I use Coach glue.
I tell you the business model in full detail.
I also share how my Brand Takeovers and Brand Builds work. 

Angela Wills
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