Breakthrough Moments

This email topic feels big to write about. 

I wrote the subject and then I just kind of sat here thinking for a moment. 

What I want to share with you today is about determination, motivation and, I guess, working for those breakthrough moments. 

I recently had what seems to be a pretty big breakthrough. 

It started by my listening to the audio book “The eMyth Revisited” which I had heard I should read many times over the years but never actually got to doing so. I just find audiobooks so much easier at the moment so I have an Audible account that kind of forces me to pick one book per month since I pay for it – works for me. 

Anyway – in the eMyth there was a line that stuck out to me SO MUCH that I actually sent an email to my friend and accountability partner Cindy Bidar about it. 

It was this:
“Your business is nothing but a direct reflection of who you are.”


I know some of you may admire what I’ve done to date but when I read that all I could think of was what I HADN’T done yet. My initial reaction was to send it to Cindy because she’s the consistency queen. She built a membership to over 400++ members and multiple six figures and that – I have not done YET. So I feel like I haven’t gotten “there” yet in many ways and I was feeling the PINCH when I emailed Cindy about it. 

I won’t share our whole back and forth conversation about it but I have to tell you that by the time we finished email I think I was in FULL breakthrough mode. By the way Cindy isn’t offering coaching (before you ask) but she has an amazing membership called Six Figure Systems and if she’s sounding like an awesome person to learn from – SHE IS – and you can learn more about Cindy here

I’m assuming your wondering what my breakthrough was – here it is:

My business WILL work if I consistently build on what works and improve upon what works. It’s as simple as that. No emotions needed. It’s MATH. 

And the part where Cindy told me “it’s just Math” is when something in my brain clicked.

Let me give you an example in Party Plan Divas. 

I bought Divas for $1000 when it was making $200/month in ads and had no other revenue. We lost the ads in the site transfer and I wasn’t interested in pursuing ad revenue (see my blog post about why I hate reading blogs with ads). 

So I did what I know works – I started creating digital products and selling them. I created a recurring revenue stream with a subscription – the Diva Success Club. I emailed my list daily with those offers. 

That’s NOT complicated. 

When I get X number of people to open the emails, they click the links to the products and they buy it or join the club. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The list is actually growing on it’s own through opt-ins on the site (it gets decent traffic) so this is a FULL and complete system that I can use to grow this business – and I am! 

The breakthrough for me is that I LOVE to try new things, I LOVE to build new websites and I LOVE to doubt myself. I think something is not working and instead of giving it the chance to build momentum I’ll try something else. Like I tried to sell Party Plan Divas for $53 and then dropped it to $23 because I was getting impatient – that’s a prime example. I came to my senses and put it back up and realized that I was acting on EMOTION, not LOGIC. 

Those of us who are empaths – who run on emotion – can run our businesses on emotions, too – what’s fun, what’s new, what’s interesting. I LOVE my emotional part but it’s run a bit wild over the least few years. I’m sure Covid hasn’t helped! 

So here’s where I land with all of this and how it impacts my business moving forward:

  • I am fully responsible for where I am in business at the moment and I own that (I actually really LOVE where I’m at, too, so I’m good with that). 
  • I have a PEACE in knowing it works – it almost ALL works and if not you tweak it until it does. I can stop second-guessing myself and just live in the confidence that things will continue to work, people will continue to want things and I will never lose the skill of being able to show up and help people get what they need. 
  • It’s MATH. If I get 100 people to a salespage that converts at 10% I get 10 sales. It’s my job to get more people to that salespage if I want more sales. Simple as that. And that doesn’t need to happen overnight (and rarely does). I can build it day by day, consistent activity by consistent activity. 

This was my pre-spring 2022 breakthrough. I don’t have a name for it but I’m pretty sure it’s changed me. I thought I’d share in case you get some value out of this and can see yourself in some part of it. If you didn’t I’m sorry you read all this for nothing I’m sorry, lol! 

If you want to read about my breakthrough on money later last year and give that one a shot here’s the email I wrote about that (it’s starts in the “Speaking of money..” section at the bottom of the email). 😉 

Have you experienced any business breakthroughs lately? They’re always fun. I’d love to hear about it or hear from you about anything. 

Angela Wills
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