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Hey! How are ya? I hope life is treating you well and letting you have all the freedom in the world! That's what this website and my business is about - freedom. I LOVE to teach people how to leverage what they know and use the internet to reach thousands of people! I got started with my first website (for fun) in 1999 read more...

How to Add Passive Income to Your Business

Passive income has been the buzzword on the internet for as long as I can remember now.

The headlines are VERY enticing:
Set it and forget it!
Make money while you sleep!

The reality isn’t QUITE that easy but it’s most certainly worth your time, attention and action.

So in this blog post I wanted to do a few things:
1. Talk to you about some TYPES of online income you could generate and what you might want to choose.
2. Teach you how to incorporate this income INTO your business so that you can take more time off without starting a whole new business model.
3. Give you additional resources to take immediate action that gives you more time-freedom and let’s you focus on LIFE.

The bottom line here is I want you to get paid much more for your time than you do now.

Why It Matters to Me That You Know This:

Look… I can teach you stuff but without knowing WHY I’ve chosen it to bring to you then it might not seem all that important to you!

When I quit my job in 2007 I was working an entirely ACTIVE business model (see below for details). During the first six months of working from home full-time and having my first PROFITABLE business I encountered one of the biggest issues I’ve EVER encountered in business.

I was THRILLED to have quit my factory job and be working from home and replacing the income I had but what I was doing was working myself sick and breaking my body at the same time. I’d spend almost ALL DAY at the computer. My son basically saw the back of my head non-stop while I clicked away on the keyboard. I was NOT moving my body. I was NOT taking time for self-care (what the F was that?).

My son Hayden and I on “Business in Your Bathrobe Day”,
shortly after quitting my job in 2007.

One day my parents dragged me off my computer and for a walk and I commented that it HURT to walk. My mom (in a pretty not-happy-with-where-your-life-is-headed voice) said “your muscles are in atrophy”, “you need to move”. She wasn’t wrong. I was working myself night and day and I was doing TERRIBLE work, too, because I was exhausted AND I was ruining my body. I knew something had to change. I quickly realized that ALL active income and no boundaries and working for too little pay was a REALLY BAD PLAN. So I set out to change it.

I needed to get really CLEAR on the types of income I wanted to generate for my business and really, my life. Below you’ll get the details YOU can use to make this clarity happen for yourself, too. Don’t fall into the trap I did – PLEASE. Keep those muscles a’moving!

Types of Online Income to Use or Leverage Your Time

Active Income

Active Income is any kind of income where you need to be actively present for the income to arrive.

A typical example of this kind of income is any service where you get paid hourly. That can be coaching, teaching a class, writing for pay, providing freelancing services, etc.

This type of income of course takes up the most time. When you work one on one it pulls even more of your time. Sometimes I recommend freelancers who want to create more free time move from the one to one model and into the one to many model. This is still “active” income but it generally allows you to earn a lot more per hour then you would working with one client at a time.

I think active income has a place in many businesses. When I was teaching a group coaching program on WordPress I was also working one on one with WordPress website design clients at the same time. It gave me the experience and kept me up on the fast-changing industry.

I also have a lot of people I work with who will do coaching alongside of creating digital products and selling programs as an affiliate. This allows them to really get a good understanding of the people they are serving.

Passive Income

Passive income is not MAGIC INCOME. Let’s get that right from the start. You can’t just expect to come online with your business, set up this one-time blast of business stuff, leave it and forever collect your money while sipping margaritas. You know this, right? I know you do because you’re here and you’re smart and you know nothing really comes for free.

The beauty in passive income is that it CAN keep coming in AFTER you’ve done the work. I’ll add that it usually needs maintenance and almost never lasts forever.

Good ways to earn passive income online include:

  • Your Own Products. Products you’ve created that sell because of systems you’ve put in place (automation, traffic flowing to an offer from blog posts, etc).
  • Affiliate marketing. Where you sell someone else’s recurring income product OR you get credited for an initial sale and THEN repeat sales from the same customer. My affiliate program, Coach Glue, Kelly McCausey, Nicole Dean & Cindy Bidar all do this in our affiliate programs – send us ONE sale and you’ll get commissions on MORE sales… they could pop in at anytime passively!
  • Combine Active Income and Passive Income. If you are selling products that tend to lean towards the active income side then you have a good opportunity to build in passive income by recommending very relevant and useful offers to your existing customers. Do this WELL, don’t add useless info or crap, and your customers will thank you for it while you collect more passive income. Your clients and customers WANT to know what you recommend because they’re often unsure what to use and they trust your opinion so guide them well and you’ll be doing them a SERVICE by offering them products, services or software you can earn a commission on. The key here is that you would recommend them with or WITHOUT an affiliate commission.

Who doesn’t want passive income!? It’s a beautiful thing. Just remember this DOES take work.

Additional Income to Pay Attention to: Recurring Income

I built my membership site, the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, because I wanted Recurring Income. I wanted the money to come in without my customers to have to make that buying decision month after month and without my always having to be selling. I wanted a “base income” to build on. I also wanted to “future-proof” my income. As you know life happens and it happens when you LEAST expect it so having build-in income that does not require you to always be present is ESSENTIAL.

And that’s what recurring income can be for you. A base which you build upon and a safety net. So don’t discount considering this in your deciding on where to spend your time in your business and choose wisely. This is the beauty in business, too. If you’ve been choosing something that isn’t getting you those results right now you have all the power you need to make the change, starting now. 🙂

Recurring Income can be either active OR passive.

My membership is an Active Recurring Income. I have to show up weekly for the meetings, create new content regularly and show up in my community forums on a daily basis. That is not something that I mind doing because I’ve made it my business model.

On the flip-side, the affiliate commissions I earn monthly from Aweber, my email marketing software, are Passive Recurring Income. I sold the customer into the software ONE TIME and then I get paid recurring commissions each month or year, etc without doing anything further.

Deciding Which Income to Work On:

Have you calculated what you make per hour recently? I don’t mean just the hourly RATE you charge, I mean the rate you earn from the work you are doing in your business day after day. If you don’t know how to calculate this here’s a really simple method:

Do something that earns you money and then divide it by the time it took you to earn that money. I like to do this for my email marketing. I might take 60 minutes to write an email. If that one email makes me $200 then my hourly rate for the whole thing is $200/hour. I also like to calculate mine down to the minute so that would be $200/60 = $3.33/minute. Not bad!

When you add PASSIVE income into this, then it gets REALLY beneficial. So let’s say I didn’t sell a workshop and instead I sold software that paid me $10/month commissions and members regularly stay 2 years or more. Let’s say I sold 10 of those software programs from one email . In this case I’ve got $100/month for two years from a 60 minute email. That’s $100 x 24 months – $2400. That means I’ve $2400/hr and $40/minute.

Clearly I’ve really multiplied my efforts for the same amount of time by adding in a passive income affiliate offer!

Now of course we always want to work on the higher earning incomes but it’s not QUITE that easy.

While the imaginary email I sent out was a great success and earned me $40 per minute, that’s not always the reality of your passive income efforts. They can take a lot more time to see results than your active income efforts and then can add up to a lot less than if you were charging hourly.

It’s a balance!

Sometimes you need to work on your “now income”, your Active Income.
Sometimes you need to work on your “later income”, your Passive Income.
Sometimes you get to work on your “now AND later income” at the same time! Your Active AND Passive.
Sometimes you hit the jackpot and get to work on your “now, later AND recurring income” at the same time! WOOHOO!

Being fully aware that they exist and making conscious choices on how to use them is how you start weilding time to your advantage and creating income that generates you more per minute than you did before!

Additional Training & Resources

I mentioned up above a number of websites that offer affiliate commissions on additional sales after the first sale. You’ll want to check those and go sign up to their affiliate programs! You can join my affiliate program here.

To learn MORE about affiliate marketing and passive income there’s a course from a fellow “Beachie Sister” named Karon Thackston. The Beach House is this magical business retreat I attended almost two years ago now and the ladies I know from that house hold a special place in my heart as the kind of people I WANT the world to know about. Karon in recent years turned focus from higher end client work into creating more passive income and she’s been VERY successful at it. I recommend her as a go-to person to find out more about how to convert your own income into more passive and build more freedom into your lifestyle.

Let me officially introduce you to Karon Thackston with her bio:

Karon is an online business pro with over 20 years of experience. She built her biz, Marketing Words, in 1999, and knows firsthand how entrepreneurs can begin to resent their businesses when there’s a stress overload.

After unexpected growth — and working 18 hours a day to keep up — Karon discovered a (then) new concept called passive income. Now she is laser focused on this revenue stream (especially affiliate marketing) because it brings large sums of money to her every single month.

I’m so excited to learn from Karon myself. Especially because her jumpstart program is created to guide you to one of the easiest ways to earn passive income – through affiliate marketing.

You won’t need to create your products.
You won’t need to do customer service.
You won’t need to worry about customer retention (buying more products).
You won’t need to worry about graphics, design elements, branding.
You won’t get stuck in product procrastination or worries about imposter syndrome – the product is DONE, you just need to tell people about it!

In Karon’s Passive Income Jumpstart: How to Find Profitable Affiliate Products, she’ll teach you:

  • How to choose the best affiliate products to promote that your audience will love.
  • Whether various affiliate products are actually worth your while or a great big time suck.
  • The warning signs to be aware of. (Better to reject these offers!)
  • How to make affiliate revenue a priority and consistently build your passive income month after month.
  • Numerous free ways to share affiliate products even if you don’t have an email list.

Here’s what a couple of Karon’s students have to say after taking her Passive Income Jumpstart course:

“The Passive Income Jumpstart helped me steadily increase my income by finding and promoting the right mix of offers to my coaching and consulting community. That’s a win-win-win!” — Kat Sturtz


“I can use the worksheets and spreadsheet to make sure each affiliate offer has everything I need: a good fit with my audience, great customer service, the right commission, quick payout, etc.” — Stacey Myers

If you’re looking for a proven way to start (or revive) your affiliate marketing efforts, this is it.

Get Passive Income Jumpstart here

What We Learned Today

Let’s summarize this for you because if this is a new concept it could feel like a lot or if it’s a refresher we can always use a clear recap:

  1. The three types of income that help you keep a healthy business and generate more time-freedom are: Active, Passive and Recurring Income.
  2. Add passive income INTO what you’re already doing, especially your products and services that you ALREADY SELL, by talking about what you use and love to earn affiliate commissions. Add automation and easy ways for people to buy your products when you are not there (scheduled emails, blog posts and more).
  3. For more learning and resources on this topic learn from a master passive income earner who’ve I’ve met in person and am very impressed by – Karon Thackston. Her program is Passive Income Jumpstart.

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How to get REALLY excited about marketing your business.

You don’t have to hate marketing. You really don’t.

Matter of fact you’ll LOVE marketing when you understand what gets you results!

The struggle most people have is figuring out what marketing to do. They ask questions like “what’s the best way to market my business?” or “what’s the easiest way to market my business?”.

You want the answers to those questions but you have to ask an entirely different question to get it. The question you should be asking is:
“What will MY market respond to from ME and how can I get them excited to buy MY products?”

It sounds like it’s all about you, but it’s not. It’s all about your target market AND you. That combination is so unique that it’s 100% different than any other business in the world! That means you have the ability to really connect because YOU are unique.

But how? What do you do, exactly?

I’m going to give you three EASY steps to figuring this out. Here they are:
Step 1: Pick a marketing method.
Step 2: Do it.
Step 3: Repeat.

Whoa sounds WAY too easy, right? It really IS that easy when it works. The place where people get super stuck is thinking it HAS TO work the first time or they’re a bad business person, the product sucks or they did the marketing wrong.

No, no, no, no. That’s not how it works. Try something and see if it works. Be ready to keep at it and tweak it till it rocks if it does work. If it doesn’t work, try something else. That’s it.

If you believe me and you’re ready to do this thing you’ll next need a marketing method. That can be a major obstacle too, I totally get it. That’s why I’ve created my list of marketing methods found below. I’m adding to this list anytime there’s something new for you.

Before you grab the list below (feel free to copy/paste wherever you need it), let’s talk about the steps:

Step 1: Pick a Marketing Method

This is not like picking a husband, or a wife. You’re not committed for life so just go for what you think will work. Use your gut, your instinct. Pick something low risk if you’re not for what you think will work. Use your gut, your instinct. Pick something low risk if you’re not confident. Pick something you can implement FAST. Action is the KEY to building results and confident. Pick something you can implement FAST. Action is the KEY to building results and fast action that getsfast action that gets fast results builds your confidence. fast results builds your confidence.

I’’d like to add that your number one marketing method to focus on should be email d like to add that your number one marketing method to focus on should be email marketing. You know you’’ve heard it before and you’’ll likely hear it again that you need to build an email list. It is the most direct line to your build an email list. It is the most direct line to your market. It’’s been that way since very early on in online marketingand that’’s not going to change anytime soon.

Time and again other methods have gotten whipped out (search engine traffic, facebook pages, etc) and people have lost huge income and entire communities whim of someone else. You’re at the mercy of no one when you have your OWN email list.If that is not a marketing method you are currently putting a LOT of attention towards then I highly recommend you pick this method.

Let me clarify even further: When I say a lot of attention I mean that I am working on content for my email list or sending out for my email list or sending out emails to them almost every day. If you want great results you are going to find it a hell of a lot harder to make that happen with one email a week.

Step 2: Do It

Depending on your marketing method of choice this could be something you already know how to do or not. The thing to remember is this is your business and doing what makes the most sense to you and gets you results – keep tracking the RESULTS to see if you actually picked something that works and don’t just blindly keep doing it.

Let’s say you’ve picked “Emailing Your List”” as your marketing method. I don’’t care if your list is 3 people, 30 people or 30,000 people. Email them. Get them actively involved in communicating with you and getting to know who you are.

I have a client who emailed a small list of under 40 people all week long, two times a day, to bring them an “open house”. It was GREAT. I was so proud of her for . It was GREAT. I was so proud of her for activating that list, bringing them the value of free prizes and letting them know what she has to offer. Now she also grew her list in the process AND made sales. THAT is successful . THAT is successful marketing. It wasn’t thousands of dollars in sales, it was a FEW sales. THAT is where confidence starts, more things happen and the sales will grow from here.

Step 3: Repeat

This is where so many people just fall short. They never do step three. They try one thing and never try again. They try something and it doesn’t work so they assume nothing works and this whole internet business thing is a sham.

You MUST be willing to have things flop. You MUST be willing to give it time (and no, a few weeks or even a few months isn’t really much time).

If at first you don’’t succeed…… try again! try again!

Here’s a list of Marketing Ideas For You:

Marketing Methods:
Direct Methods
 Email Your List
 Personally Contact a Customer
 Personally Contact a Lead

Social Media
 Facebook Live
 Facebook Posts
 Twitter Posts
 YouTube
 Linked In Posts
 Instagram
 SnapChat
 Pinterest

 Facebook Ads
 Google Ads
 Newsletter Ads
 Paid Solo Email
 Affiliate Program

Content Methods
 Webinar
 Host a JV Webinar
 Podcast
 Be a Podcast Guest
 Post on Your Blog
 Guest Blog Post
 Get someone to review your product (blogger, podcaster, etc).

Selling to Customers
 Email Add on Products
 Email Affiliate Products

Search Engine Marketing
 Rank pages that lead to products.
 Rank pages that lead to opt ins.

My Six Figure Story:

I made my very first six figures (finally!) in 2018 and I used a few of these methods consistently to make that happen. If you’d like to get a pre-recorded training of How I Brokethrough to My First Six Figures then you can just pop your name and email below. You’ll be registered for my daily marketing and laptop lifestyle messages and I’ll shoot you over the link to watch the free video!

Sign up here:

13 Reasons to Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

You know what? I’m just going to say it:

I’m so determined to turn you into a member of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.
Why? Because I know you’ll love it ♡.

♡ I know you’ll love it because I can say, with prejudice, that we have the BEST business owners of all varieties in our group – parenting experts, self-care coaches, affiliate marketers, writers, authors, speakers, resume trainers, hr professionals, doctors, teachers (the school and the business kind) and so much more!

♡ I know you’ll love it because a need for community and feeling like you belong is ingrained in us since the time of the caveman (except without it, they’d die). 

♡ I know you’ll love it because we get RESULTS. Results that equal to more subscribers, more products created, more emails being sent and more sales being made. I know this because my members tell me this as a direct result of their membership (You can scroll down to the bottom of this page to read their own words). 

My Intention is to be the BEST Membership For YOU

I set out to create on of the best memberships for heart-based businesses doing their thang on the internet! It’s my mission to create a “WOW” experience for you, to support you, to help you grow, to connect with you and guide you to YOUR Laptop Lifestyle.
It won’t be easy (see this post) and it’s won’t be super quick. It WILL be worth it!
You’ll need time, discipline, GRIT and a sense of confidence that might be a tiny spark you need to grow into a giant FLAME – but you can do this!

With Commitment you CAN Build Freedom, Crack the Overwhelm & Claim the Laptop Lifestyle

With commitment, you’ll get there and I’m determined to help you do so.
In my efforts to woo you into what some say IS the best business group online, here are my 13 best reasons to join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity:

  1. Training Library, Fast-Action Plans and Challenges to give you big wins and small wins and get your business in motion.The training library contains programs I sell from $27 – $97 or more each that are included in your membership. 

  2. Bonus Gifts for Members from Time to Time! It’s important to me to reward my members for taking action in the membership and from time to time I’ll just randomly award a gift here and there to community members I see taking the time to contribute and participate in the community.

  3. Massive 50% discount on all other products I create and coaching programs. Honestly I include MOST of what else I create but some things are outside the LL YOU, like my signature program MEconomy which currently is regularly priced at $397 and will be going up to $597 before the end of the year. Annual members will get a 50% discount on that program! 

  4. A Leader (Me, Angela Wills) who REALLY CARES about your success. >>> It is so important to me and it makes me cry happy tears when my peeps tell me I truly helped them.

  5. You Won’t Be Alone. >>> We know for a fact that working from home is isolating. It can get into some seriously concerning issues like depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), because the nature of our work is that we don’t leave the house. Connecting with others is essential and in this group, you won’t be alone.

  6. Accountability. >>> You want us to hold you responsible for something? You need to get work done? Come post it in the group and be accountable to get it completed.

  7. Get Answers to Questions as they Come Up. >>> We have members in many ranges of businesses from Writers to Yoga Instructors to Parenting Experts to Virtual Assistants and more. Most of us build some sort of online offerings from written reports to group coaching courses to services and more. With the variety and a focus on a freedom business using online marketing methods, you’re very likely to get help from a few of close to 200 members in the club!

  8. Friends! >>> Some of the BEST, best, best friends I’ve ever made have been through an online membership group just like the one I run and it’s a large part of the reason I run it. Join us and make really awesome friends, because we have awesome members.

  9. Member’s Only Perks & Freebies >>> I’m working with partners to offer member’s only perks and freebies. 

  10. Member Spotlights to highlight the awesome things our members are doing.

  11. A Member Special Offers permanent section where you can advertise your business via a special offer you make just for us. This is a great way to make your money back from being a member. We LIKE to buy from each other! 

  12. Regular Weekly Strategy & Business Meetings so we can talk what is happening in our businesses and the actions we need to take to grow. These start up again in September and run all year long (with breaks from time to time). 

  13. AND THE BIG ONE – We do a member collaboration every three months. Our September collaboration is a bundle sale where all annual members (or 60 day alumni) are invited to participate. What you do is offer a real, true-value PRODUCT as part of the sale. We sell the bundle for $27 and there usually about 40+ products included. This create HUGE VALUE for our community while allowing you to potentially add dozens or hundreds of new people to your email list. We have had members regularly add over 100 people to their list. PLUS you can promote the sale ($27) and earn 75% of the sale as an affiliate. So you could end up end up with a finished product, a built list AND money… by working with our community. 

I am a VERY PROUD Membership Mama!

I am so, so proud of my club! I’m proud of my members! Heck, I’m proud of me. I had the vision of this club in 2015. I worked at it until it hit just the right sweet spot and now I’m hitting the momentum with it where we’ve got awesome content, awesome meetings and awesome members. LOVE IT.

It is perfect? Are WE perfect? HECK NO! We’re regular ol’ Joe’s (as in Joanne’s as we’re mostly women, though men ARE welcome, too!)… We’re real people. We’re working on our ACTIVE, PASSIVE & RECURRING income to build a true laptop lifestyle with complete business lifestyle freedom.

So go grab a coffee, or tea, water or Kombucha… up to you… and click the link below to sign up. Then, pop on in, get cozy, get to know us and let’s all build this wonderful lifestyle together.


Click Here to Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity!

Beat Work at Home Isolation & Loneliness

When I would tell people that I work from home the first reaction is almost always something along the lines of how great it would be and that they wish they worked from home.

I mean it sounds amazing, and really it is, with the total freedom, the completely flexible hours, the working from the couch (or anywhere you want), the making money while you sleep.

I quit my job back in May of 2007 and so I’ve had a lot of years to experience both the good, the bad and even the ugly of working from home. The good FAR outweighs any downsides in my opinion and that’s why for the past twelve years I’ve been completely self-employed and self-sufficient through my own business.

One of the big downsides, though, is isolation and loneliness. That’s real and it’s a slippery slope because work at home isolation and loneliness can lead to depression if you’re not careful.

So let’s tackle this challenge!

I’ve learned a lot from my years at home and I’ve experienced the isolation and loneliness myself, especially after I broke my leg and was on the couch for six months or when I had my baby girl over five years ago now. Even though I see family every day we, as social beings, need more interaction in our lives than just the few people in our immediate family.

Here are my best “Beating Work at Home Isolation & Loneliness” tips:

  • Lunch With Friends – Do you have other work at home friends? Maybe a mom friend on maternity? A friend who works shifts or weird hours? Do lunch! Meeting with my work at home and stay at home mom friends has been a great way to pick me up every single time. It’s so nice to get out with a friend and share a meal, chat about common interests and just have a laugh!

    Me and local friend Jen Hazlett of Alt Admin meet up for coffee and lunch on the regular. I meet another mom who’s daughter is in my daugher’s school and we have regular playdates and chats.

    Finding new friends can feel hard at first but be on the lookout for people you have stuff in common with, business or personal.
  • Coffee. Get Coffee (or Tea, Juice, Whatever). – When I feel like I need to get out and I can’t arrange time with a friend I like to go and just have a coffee at the local coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll work, sometimes I’ll sit and people watch (not stare of course or be creepy in any way  ). It gets me out around people and that’s often enough to make me not feel isolated at all.Love spending an hour or two at the local coffee shop. You could go anywhere! Just getting out around other people will do you good.
  • Events – There are always events to go to. You can go to events related to a hobby or personal interest, or go to ones related to your business. Of course it’s fun when you can combine the two! I’m going to start looking into going to much more events now that I’ve figured out I’m totally able to get to downtown Toronto on the train. A quick and easy 45 minutes or so and I don’t have to brave the busy city in my car opens up a whole lot more opportunity to attend events.

    Here is an awesome friend Crystal McNearney at a Facebook event she invited me too. We had fun with the surprised (shocked?) emoji!
  • Make Business Social – How can you ADD social to your own business? I keep threatening to do some meetups for the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and I just need to make that happen because I know how AWESOME it will be to see some of the members who grace our club in person. That could be as simple as a lunch date, a day-long workshop or hosting your own 3-day conference. Start where you are and connect with your business peeps. You know the best way to make money is with your friends, anyway, right?

  • Join Groups – One of the best things I EVER did for my business was join a membership group for moms who wanted to work at home. I did that back in 2006-ish and I still have so many friends from that group that I can email and connect with on facebook anytime I want to talk with someone who understands what it is I do for a living. That’s entirely why I created my own membership at the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. I know just how incredibly valuable it is to be part of an online community of people working towards the same goals.

    Here’s me at a Mastermind Retreat, Beachpreneurs, with Rayven Monique of Abundability in 2018!
  • Go to Nature – There’s something awesome about getting out or working out in nature. In the winter here it’s harder but in the summer I’ve been going to the beach a lot to work. Usually it’s to journal but sometimes I bring my laptop and write or create emails to send out to my subscribers. A couple of years ago the summer I went to journal at a Lavendar Field and it was AWESOME. I need to make that happen again and also pick other inspiring places to make a trip to to have a day amoung the inspiration.

    Me at Lavanne Lavendar Fields
  • Get Your Blood Tested – Weird one, right? You might think you’re lonely and unmotivated because you’re working at home but you could also be suffering from a deficiency in something. A common deficiency for many people these days is Vitamin D, which would only be made worse in our industry because we spend less time outdoors. Our office is just a few feet away and we don’t even get a little sun on our way to work. I found out last year from my own blood tests that I was both Vitamin D AND Iron deficient. Both of those can have big effects on your productivity!

  • Move, Sleep, Eat Right & Drink Water! – Another one that SEEMS out of place but it’s so NOT. Working at home can lead to major inactivity if you let it and that can lead to weight gain, poor meal choices and very low energy. I have clear spurts in my business where I’m on point with this stuff and so is my mental clarity. Don’t ignore your health to build your business! So important. It will help the feelings of isolation, loneliness and sadness/depression when you take the best care of yourself you possibly can.

  • Rent Shared Office Space or Co-Working Space – Did you know that some places have shared office space for rent? You’re not renting a whole space on your own, rather renting a room for a few hours, days or weeks out of the month. Then there’s the whole co-working thing where you work in a big open space with other business owners… pretty cool! I’ve looked into this over the years and didn’t like the idea of paying $50 for a day or a few hundred for a month in a co-working space but I recently found a space where I pay $100 for a year and then $100 per month for unlimited time. It’s been AMAZING and now every day I have my daughter in school or in child care I’ve been HERE at this awesome coworking space!

Here I am at Community Innovation Lab.

  • Work at the Library – I love working at the library. There’s something quite awesome about being surrounded by books, filled with information. All I have to do is glance in either direction to get all kinds of inspiration and content ideas! Also, working at the library gets you around others which takes you out of isolation.

Take a Class – You could take something related to your business, or not. Either way you’ll get around people of similar interests and you might make a new friend! I’m seriously considering taking a local hip hop dance call. I’ve taken business-related classes here at my coworking space, too, and met new people to grow my business with!

Here’s me and Katie Dempsey of Brand Ambition at a great social media workshop she hosted last year!

  • Take Care of YOU – This fits with suggestion earlier on moving, drinking water and eating right but it encompasses so much more. You’ve heard the work at home people talking about spending all day in their pajamas. What about when all day turns into a week? Is that ok? What if you barely shower? What if you’re too busy working that you don’t clean the kitchen and as a result you don’t cook healthy meals (because who wants to cook if you have to clean BEFORE you get to cook and then you have to clean AGAIN?). You see how this can quickly spiral out of control leaving you with no desire to leave the house or socialize. That’s a problem! Take care of YOU. Do the mindset work. Read the books that help you get ahead. Listen to the motivational podcasts. Talk to the inspiring friends (and avoid the downers). Do that workout, shower, get the laundry done, cook healthy meals, clean the house and take time to do things that make you feel renewed, energetic and ready to go see the world (or at least something more than your own four walls)!

I know I’ve given you a LOT of tips. You don’t have to do them all. I don’t do them all and definitely don’t do them all, all the time. I have done most at some point or another. For now I’m actually going to use this post for myself as a sort of to-do list to get out and social MUCH more than I’ve been. I hope it helps you do the same!

The Transition from Services to Digital Product Creation

It was NEVER my goal to be a service provider yet in 2007 I quit my job to be a Virtual Assistant. By 2012 (five years later) I told my last client that I would no longer be providing them services and I claimed my full lifestyle freedom badge (at least that’s how I see it).

You see, I do believe that those in a service-based business can have lifestyle freedom. I do believe they can have a laptop lifestyle.

For me, that wasn’t enough. I wanted to have ZERO people who could input or influence my work, my schedule, my projects and, ultimately, my vibe.

I find dealing with people EXHAUSTING, especially after they’ve paid you and really exclusively because they’ve paid you. Something happens to someone’s brain when you bill them for your time. They believe they OWN that time and they’re kind of right, right?

I mean, I do it too. I pay someone for 10 hours of work and I feel like I have the right to those 10 hours. I feel like I can tell them what to work on, how I want it done, when to have it done by and more.

Clearly I have outsourcing issues, issues with authority, being told what to do, etc… Clearly I have issues. haha. But that’s not the point of this post and it’s a good topic for mindset work in the near future.

I’ve never really talked about WHY I transitioned or gone into much detail as to HOW I did it either. But these days I have nothing to hid and I will take a stand faster than I ever did.

And today I want to take a stand for YOU if you’re in a service-based business purely because you’re not sure what to do to start or complete the transition.

While I can’t give you the exact formula – I don’t have one – I CAN tell you what I did to create the transition and reading it might just help you discover your transition from services to digital CEO, too!

  1. Leveraged Services FIRST

As I said I never had the intention to be a service provider and I had spent from 2002 when my son was born until 2004 trying a few different physical and then digital-product based businesses. I tried affiliate marketing, network marketing and even financial services selling, too. But, it was only two years into my journey and I needed money as a single mom so I took temp jobs while lead me to a factory job on an afternoon shift.

I have a diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology but the jobs for that were at least an hour’s commute away and I just wouldn’t do it and spend that much time away from my young son.

While working the job, after having tried so many things and feeling like a failure of a single mom in a factory job, I discovered Virtual Assistance. A friend in a mastermind group I was in said she was quitting being a VA and working “dollars for hours” in her business and my only thought was that I’d LOVE to work dollars for hours doing something I loved like working on websites, writing blog posts and helping people make money online. So I jumped right in! I got a lot of clients quickly but that’s a whole nother story.

Me and Hayden after I quit my job. This was for “Business in Your Bathrobe Day”

2. Worked My Ass Off, For a Season

So… I was working afternoon shift at a factory job. My shift started at 3pm and ended at 11:30pm-ish if I remember correctly. I had a four year old son and I had just taken on 15 clients within 24 hours.

My plate was full! I was so excited! I saw it as a way to quit my job and that was the ONLY thing I could see.

I couldn’t see any potential issues that were going to arise.
I couldn’t see how much work it would be.
I couldn’t see that this was not my long term plan.

So I barreled through. I worked my ass off for a season. From the time I started being a VA in 2006 until the time I quit about nine months later in 2007 I would get home from work at midnight or later (depending on overtime) and then work on my client’s work. I’d do 2-4 hours of client work and then go to bed and often get up with my son in the morning (unless one of my parents were watching him).

Most nights I got 5-6 hours sleep. Running on five hours sleep is HARD but it wasn’t forever. I worked through that and I earned my freedom… or so I thought.

3. Realized Services Were NOT For Me

I hit a rock bottom in my business, and kind of in my life, when I had been sitting at my computer for about three months straight. And I’m not joking. After I quit my job I was spending about 12 hours PER DAY on my computer.

I thought the harder I worked the more money I made.

Yet I made so little while working for so long.

I felt completely trapped, overwhelmed, overworked and honestly, confused. I thought this was what I wanted and yet I hated it and I felt like the worst mom in the world for quitting a job that actually gave me more time with him than the business I had envisioned would give me freedom.

I want to tell you that not all VAs live like this. Not all VAs have no time for their families, to shower, for honoring themselves or any kind of life. Some VAs create balance and love what they do and this is a great type of work for them. Same goes for Coaches, Consultants or any service-provider. There is a way to enjoy the service-based industry but I just didn’t want to figured it out.

So I started planning my escape.

At one point I went on a job search. That ended quickly. I did pare down my business to almost no clients and started again. I looked for clients I LOVED and kept the ones I already LOVED. It was good while I plotted my next moves.

Here’s a blast from the past! My Virtual Assistance website I created all in HTML hand code before moving to a WordPress website a few months later. I kind of still really love this site:

4. Freedom Escape Plan

I hear from a lot of people who would like me to tell them how to transition out of services and I think they think they can do it in a few months and BOOM, they’re all out of services.

Maybe. But that’s not how it worked for me.

Around 2008 I created my first course. It was called “Gimp Graphics Mojo”. That course was created as a direct result of knowing what my CLIENTS needed help with. So I leveraged the work I was doing with them to start a digital empire.

Then, in 2010, I created another course that I could see a great need for because of my clients. I saw my clients hiring website designers (others or myself) and really having no idea what they needed to give them to get a website up. They had no understanding of how a website worked, how WordPress worked and how to maintain a website after it was created. So I trained them. I basically took their problem and created my most profitable program to date.

Two years later, after working on my courses the entire time AND opening up a membership site to create a consistent income I THEN let my last client go, in 2012.

That’s about four years to my freedom.

Now… I love to remind myself to take time to step away, go to the beach which always refreshes me and ENJOY this laptop lifestyle, this freedom life I live. I know not everyone has it for one reason or another so I am grateful every single day:

5. Revel in My Freedom

I appreciated the freedom SO MUCH. I was becoming a leader in the industry for teaching how to use WordPress but you know what? I STILL didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me.

I had made over $100,000 over a few years with the topic of WordPress training and I’m sure I could have scaled that up x10 but I had had enough of teaching a software that was ever changing and it was yet another thing I had done to get me from where I didn’t want to be (VA Services) to where I was at the time (WordPress Courses & WordPress Membership).

So I pivoted. In 2015 I created what is now called the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity because I knew I was not the only one who created complete and TOTAL lifestyle freedom.

That means:

  • NOBODY tells me what to work on.
  • NOBODY tells me when my projects are due.
  • NOBODY tells me who to work with.
  • NOBODY tells me where to work.
  • NOBODY tells me shit, really. lol.

I TELL ME. And I love it that way. I finally found my “calling” and get this, it only took, um, like 13 years?!

So… when you tell me you’ve been at this for two years and you don’t have it all figured out yet excuse me if I pause and calculate the years I struggled hard and then remind myself how VERY worth it it was!


Here’s how I started Website Design Mojo:

My friend and I were chatting on the phone. I remember it plain as day. She had a successful course teaching people how to create videos and I was complaining to her that I didn’t want to do services and nothing else was working for me.

SHE was the one who said… “You know, you’re so good at WordPress websites, why don’t you create a course in that.”

My email list was very small at the time. I had gathered a few hundred people onto my list from selling the graphics course, a little case study about how I became a virtual assistant and a few telesummits and webinars I had done. I didn’t care how many people I had on my list, I decided to sell it anyway.

I don’t have any memory of how many people joined that first class but I know I had registered people and I was so EXCITED!

I also had NOTHING prepared. You see, I had pre-sold the course, just like I had talked about in this vlog post.

Pre-selling allowed me to just put it out there. I wrote the details of what I would teach, put it on my website, added an order button from my shopping cart and started selling!

THEN I created. I remember also so clearly we were going on vacation to Newfoundland, Canada, where I’m from and I had planned to create my videos and also host my live Q&A calls from my grandmothers. And I did! I hid myself away and got it done, while on vacation!

That program grew and grew. I was very proud of it.

I encourage you to get moving, get doing, get launching and create something YOU are proud of. Would you do that for me? I’d LOVE to hear about it!

I’ve mentioned the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity in this post. If you’d like to learn more about my membership and how you can join us you can go here.

My friend Cindy Bidar also has a great set of checklists and templates for launching products that you’re likely to find really helpful for that product you just promised me you’ll create. Find those here.

SKIP Product-Creation Procrastination by Pre-Selling

Ever feel like the product creation process takes TOO LONG and that you’re procrastinating too much? Well I almost NEVER create my digital products before I sell them. I sell first, create next and in this video I’ll tell you how and why there are so many advantages to doing so, including being a fast and prolific product creator! (aka make money faster)
☕?? Ang

What’s Stopping Your Success?

What’s stopping you from achieving what you want? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Hard truth: It’s probably YOU. 

Everything is available to you. There is nothing you’re not worthy of. There isn’t anything you “can’t” achieve. 


You told yourself you don’t know enough yet. 

You told yourself you need a mentor. 

You told yourself you don’t know the steps. 

You told yourself you’re not ready yet. 

You told yourself you need more time. 

You told yourself you’re not popular enough. 


etc. etc. etc.

I know, I’ve done it too. I DO it too. 

Last year I achieved six figures for the first time since I started my first business in 2002. If you’re counting it took me 16 years, let me repeat 16 YEARS to reach six figures. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

There was a lady who basically told me a few years ago to be EMBARRASSED of that, to not tell people because they wouldn’t be inspired. 


Sure I agree that it might seem not worth it to have to wait 16 years to earn what is basically the BOTTOM level of the general definition of “success” but I’m dedicated to sharing MY truth.

Plus my first idea of success was freedom and I got that started in 2007. ⠀⠀⠀


And the truth is I held myself back, stuck in a pattern of difficult mindset stories that played OVER and OVER and OVER again. 


I started working on my thoughts, my positivity and knowing my own worth in 2016 and it’s changed my life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I want you to know the feeling of freeing yourself FROM your own thoughts. I want you to break free of telling yourself why you can’t and start imagining all the scenarios in which you CAN. 


I hope you don’t wait 13 years like I did! 


If you want undying support in your mission to grow your own mindset and create a business that lets you live your life then I invite you to click my profile link and learn about the Laptop Lifestyle YOU, the place where I am dedicated to teaching you what I learned about turning real-world skills into bill-paying courses and memberships. 

Raising a Business While Raising a Family

Years ago I was a speaker for a group of entrepreneurs and I found myself saying “I have a toddler” a lot, like I was excusing myself for doing stuff a certain way, or having super-short or super-odd hours.

Then I thought – what the heck am I apologizing for?!

What I do is share my life, share what works for me, share how I’m building a business and raising a family. That’s what I do and I’m sooooo “Sorry, not sorry.” about it!

Not everyone will relate to my life exactly, but what I have to share about living the Laptop Lifestyle is always universal:

  • Build a business based on the lifestyle YOU want.
  • Have freedom to do what YOU want.
  • Spend time with the people YOU want.
  • Do the things YOU want to do!

That’s the laptop lifestyle.

For me that is 100% building a business while raising a family and I do it quite well if I do say so myself!

We moms are hard on ourselves.

Of course I’ve thought at times there are things I could do better, it’s mom-nature to do so!

What I know is that I’m basically a Stay at Home Mom and a Work at Home Mom. Over the years the hours of those jobs have changed. Currently it’s summer and we’re on all kinds of odd schedules. This week my daughter has no childcare, next week three days for the next three weeks and then for three weeks after that – maybe summer camps. It’s a challenge, but it’s the lifestyle I chose and I LOVE it!

I do this not by accident and it wasn’t EASY to figure out I assure you. I struggled much in the first year and then a little less in the second year to find enough time to get work done. My daughter is five now, my son seventeen and I feel in a groove, I’ve got a really nice flow going now and I see the snowball starting to build.

There is nothing perfect about my business.

I don’t have a perfect website.
I don’t have perfect grammar.
I don’t have prefect products. 
I don’t have perfect ideas.
I don’t have perfect emails.
I don’t make perfect offers.
I don’t have perfect salespages.

You get the idea.

I focused on giving VALUE to my people and I focus on taking ACTION every single day towards my goals. If that means an email goes out with a mistake, an email goes out with a mistake. I sent out an email with the wrong date on it… did I get mortified and thoroughly embarassed… naw! I just sent a correction one! That’s all. No biggie.

In short, I get things done. The focus is on marketing every day. On getting my message to REAL PEOPLE be it via this message right here that will go on my blog post, to my email list, shared on social media and I might even make it into a video. I always spend my first batch of time on the things that will get in front of people, as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. THAT is so important, always, and when you have a family you don’t want to waste any moments you could be using for something else.

I see so many people spending months on things they shouldn’t.

If you need a website, get it up in a DAY and get it out there. Period. End of sentence. There is no reason why you can’t do that. NONE.

If you need an email list, sign up NOW and get a form. You could have new subscribers TODAY. For Sure. Don’t doubt me. It’s true ;).

If you want a social media following, go connect today. Not tomorrow. Not after you study five courses. Today. It is possible. 100%.

Action, fast action. Every single day.

That’s how you build a business and raise a family at the same time. If you think you don’t have time right now you’re probably moving really slow, most faster, do things fast and get things DONE.

Do them at night. Do them when the kids are in school (if you get that kind of time, I don’t). Do them during naps. Get up at 5am. Do them in line at the grocery store (good time for Instagram, a new love of mine). Do them. Do them. Do them. 

Go. Go. Go!

Love it! Incorporate it INTO your life. I don’t feel like my business is a hassle or something I have to fit into my life. My business and my life are ONE THING and doing business is a huge source of joy and awesomeness in my life. It’s not something I do just to have the Laptop Lifestyle, it IS my lifestyle. It’s something I’d want to do even if I didn’t get paid. It’s something I used to do before I even know HOW to get paid for it.

So that’s how I do it. Basically I just do it. I find ways to serve my market and I SERVE! I don’t decide I have to sell this or sell that and barrel through, I find out how I can help people, teach people, provide them with the information they need and I do it.

You can do this, too!

 p.s. Have you joined the YOU?

Why I Will Not “Fake It ’till I Make It”…

I received an interesting email from a very well-meaning lady, and she really got me thinking…

She was concerned about an email a couple of years ago where I mentioned that I have not yet broken six figures in my business (which I have SINCE broken, in 2018 – woot!).

It brought up a lot of advice and concerns for my business:

  • I shouldn’t mention that I’m not making six figures and because it is not inspiring and will make people NOT want to buy from me because they don’t see the value if I don’t know how to do it.
  • My marketing and brand comes off as beginner.
  • I sound like someone who’s been in business quite a while and haven’t figured it out.
  • It would be a good idea for me to hire a photographer or someone to brand me and my business to a more professional standard to create a more colourful, visually appealing look.
  • Being transparent is good, but too transparent is likely to hurt my business.
  • I should focus more on what I’ve figured out and less on the struggle of it all.

There was actually a LOT of advice in the email, this is the highlights of it. I don’t remember speaking with this lady previously but she took the time to offer me a pretty detailed email and suggested I take what I like from it and leave the rest.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the not mentioning not making six figures yet, I DO agree with a LOT of the email so I’m going to break it down at bit and really clarify some things about why I share my struggles AND my successes with you:

Don’t Mention the Six-Figure Barrier

The goal to six-figures is a BIG one. There are many brands of businesses based just around teaching people to get to six figures. There are even more brands of people PRETENDING to be high-earners who are earning little to no money. It’s the truth.

You can look at a brand. It could be super sharp. The pro pics are all over. The color and branding is PERFECT. The business process is immaculate. And you’ll think because you see all that that the business is making WELL over six figures. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. You literally don’t know who to trust just by looking at their brand.

One thing I will NEVER do… is “Fake it til I make it.”

YES… I’d love to have a beautiful brand, perfectly put together and relaying the message I want to share with the world but I’ll never do that just to “look” the part.

I share where I am in business because I know it IS inspiring to those who understand this is not an overnight process. There are many of us who struggle and yes, for a long time. It’s not because you can’t blast in and make a lot of money in a short time, you can.

There are, however, many many people who take YEARS to overcome the mindset issue that hold us back. I was one of them and I AM one of them. I NEVER EVER EVER will pretend to be anyone other than who I am and I can guarantee you one thing: I DO NOT have it all figured out!

If you’re looking for a mentor who knows everything and will give you the golden gauntlet from their high pedestal that is simply NOT ME.

How Could People Be Inspired or Want to Buy From Someone NOT Making Six Figures?

I teach from where I’m at. Where is that?

Well… I quit my job as a factory worker, a single mom in 2007 to work from home full time.
I created a VA business that earned about $25,000 it’s first full year.
I grew my business about 30% per year.
I was making about $60,000 per year when I broke my ankle, then had my baby girl.
I overcame a ton of confidence, mindset and just lack of business know-how struggles during those initial years.
I STRUGGLED to find time to work as a busy mom of a challenging but amazing girl.
I work three days per week while the girly is in daycare (plus my “sneak in time” whenever I can get it) and I made a little over $80,000 last year.

(UPDATE: July 2019 – Ella girl is now in school full-time and last year (2018) I DID break that six figure income goal. There was no parade – though – I don’t know who forgot to order my six-figure celebration parade!)

While that is not six figures I’d have to say that’s inspiring. It’s real. It’s raw.

It’s not in pretty packaging but you can learn a hell of a lot from me and I know how to do a lot of things really well!

  • I know how to make over $100,000 from one program (my WordPress training).
  • I know how to add hundreds of people to my list in one go (giveaway events).
  • I know how to create successful coaching programs (I’ve created dozens and have sold over $100,000 in programs).
  • I know how to run an engaged an active membership site (I do that).
  • I know how to work with clients and keep them happy (Over 10 years experience with people who love me).
  • I know how to write copy that gets people responding and reacting (I’ve earned my full-time income solely online since 2007).

So yes, I agree… I need to highlight these successes more. I need more people to hear my story, to know my struggles and how I overcame them, to hear of my successes and see how they can learn from them. I have a TON to offer my market and simply not enough people are getting my message yet. When they do, I’ll break six figures and I’ll tell my peeps (YOU) and they’ll celebrate with me because they’ll see it as a guiding light to show them they can do the same!

Looking the Part of the Successful Business Owner

What I loved about this email I got was all the unsolicited advice. Seriously. I’m not being sarcastic.

It’s rare to get an email from a subscriber who ACTUALLY is trying to help me. Usually, it’s from someone who seems to be trying to help me but really just wants me to do what they want me to do because they don’t like what I’m doing lol.

This email… was different. And the part about not looking professional and hiring a photographer I also agree with. Though I don’t LOVE stock photos I do use them sometimes. I walk the line because I am NOT interested in looking like any kind of corporate site or looking like a big company with no real person behind it. I am strategically using selfies because I have a target market who will relate to ME. THAT is my brand.

No… I won’t ever try to “look” like I’m making more than I am but I also will keep sharing where I’m at because I have absolutely NO SHAME in the struggle. It’s made me who I am, it’s helped me help others, it’s been a blessing and it hasn’t happened TO me… it’s happened FOR me so that I could be the person that is trusted, that can inspire, that can help those like me grow, learn and be the most amazing business owners they never thought they could be!

An Open Letter to Me, From Future Me…

The internet has always amazed me… I remember hearing about it sometime around high school and then by the time I came home from college getting my first dial-up connection. I was 19 and living with my parents but they weren’t that interested so I went out and paid for it myself.

Thinking back that was my FIRST ever “adult” bill… so fitting that it’s now my living!

I immediately became fascinated with the ability to CONNECT with people online. To share. To learn. To find out new things about new people I’d never have had the opportunity to EVER meet without it.

It only seems natural that I’d eventually end up making my living from the internet, looking back now.

And this post is about looking back… and looking forward.

I really wish I could get a note from future me, the one who’s just about to break through on high six-figures into a million dollar business. The one who’s doing things her way. The one who’s so comfortable with who she it shows in everything she does.

Yes I’d love a little note from future me with some tips.

But since that’s probably not going to happen ;), I’m going to give past me some tips.

I’m well aware past me isn’t going to get to read this piece but maybe it’s something YOU need right now.

I ALWAYS share from places I’ve been, things I’ve experienced and struggles I’ve had.

I talk to many people in my business who are experiencing the same issues I had when I got started. This is for the person who is working SO DAMN HARD and believing something’s gotta give. I am writing to past me and I’m writing to YOU, because I have some gentle, useful advice that I think will help you make sense of the immense work your doing that’s literally getting you no where. I have advice that can make things turn around if you listen close and take action (YES, more action) in the direction I’m pointing you.

An Open Letter to Angela of the Past, Angela of 2008-2010-ish:

“Angela, girl, you’re working SO HARD.

Too hard. Or I should say too hard for the lack of results you’re getting… which is almost none.

? are SO determined, so persistent and so after your goals that you think you just need to keep working hard, keep doing more of the same and then one day the damn will break and things will work. Oh how I want you to listen to this letter carefully because that’s not true and if you really take in what I’m saying I’m going to save you YEARS of frustration, literally (and I know because I’m future you I know what happens  ) 

You and I both know it takes work, hard work, to establish a business online and make it a success but sweetie you’ve gone too far in the wrong direction.

I know you’ve heard that you need to get content out there. To market your business. To let people get to know you. 

And you’re doing all that. 

You listened.

You paid attention.

But you missed something. It’s a big thing but it’s a little thing. Little because it’s something you don’t know you missed and it’s creating so much work for you. Big because this one thing is THE THING that needs to happen in order for all this work to really mean anything.

I know how hard you worked to create those 184 articles you posted on Ezine Articles and did nothing else with.

I know how much time you spent writing and publishing over 400 blog posts in hopes that people would flock to read them.

I know how many helpful emails you wrote to your list waiting for them to respond by hiring you or asking to buy a product.

But here’s what you missed:

People WANT to buy from you. They do. You’re awesome. You know stuff they don’t. They LOVE to hear from you. They loved those Ezine Articles. They loved those blog posts. They love those emails you write.

But you’re not giving people a CLEAR OPTION… STRAIGHT LINE… EASY way to say yes!

You have to make the offer.
You have to lead them to the next logical step.
You have to tell them WHY they should buy from you.
You have to make it SIMPLE for them to buy.

Angela, you are missing the money tasks.
You didn’t include them in your articles, your blog posts OR your emails. They didn’t LEAD people to the next step, the place to purchase, the part where they pass you money to pay for your valuable contribution to helping their lives. 

You are not asking people to buy enough.

It should be YOUR JOB to get the sale.

Content is not your job.
Social media is not you job.

Blogging is not your job.
Email marketing is not you job.

Your job as numero uno in your business is to get money in the door.
Every day.
As many times PER DAY as possible.

While delivering that awesome value.
While providing the help your people want.
While serving in the most awesome of ways.

Angela there’s no blueprint.

Be you.

Get yourself in your creative mode. You can do this. YOU ARE CREATIVE! We all are when we are thinking like a person who wants nothing more than to serve the people we’ve chosen to serve.

I believe in you.

I KNOW you’ll do this.

I just wanted to give you some advice to get you there faster.

You’ve come so far! You quit your job in 2007 (yay you)! You’ve not looked back. You’re only going forward.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come.
How you’ve turned an internet connection into a career.
How you’ve been a literal pioneer in an industry that most people didn’t even believe EXISTED or was REAL when you got started.
How you kept working when people thought you were crazy or you could have been making more money as a single mom on welfare.

But you had a plan.
You had a vision.
You knew it was real and you made it happen.

The next stages are waiting for you.

They ARE as awesome as you dream.

You WILL get there.

Keep going. You’ve got this.

Love and Hugs!

Future Angela xoxo ♡ “

This says it all.

I’d say it all to YOU… too.