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Hey! How are ya? I hope life is treating you well and letting you have all the freedom in the world! That's what this website and my business is about - freedom. I LOVE to teach people how to leverage what they know and use the internet to reach thousands of people! I got started with my first website (for fun) in 1999 read more...

Why I Believe in Network Marketing

I’ve joined eight network marketing businesses in total.

In each one I saw huge benefits and potential from the model itself.

It was on the actual company to deliver in a way that hit all the points and while I had fun in some and made a little money in others, none quite met the full potential of what I had hoped for. That is until the most recent company I’ve joined.

The BIGGEST thing I was looking for was a beautiful community I could plug into. I was looking for it LOCALLY but guess what? I found this business during Covid so local or not, EVERYTHING was online. It didn’t matter. The sense of welcoming, supportive, deeply in service this community showed me was overwhelming. I cried happy tears of finally finding a place that would support my goals, help me grow and allow me to make a greater impact in the world.

I joined my company for the PRODUCT, the Tower Garden, and I didn’t even realize it was Network Marketing. All I knew was if I could get a discount by signing up, I was in! And IN I went.

So this company hit all the other points on what I thought a great network marketing company could be:

  • Amazing quality product that impacts lives.
  • A compensation plan that honors the SALE of products and provides true potential to earn well for your work.
  • Proven marketing systems that serve the customers and feel totally authentic (aka. don’t spam your highschool friends on Facebook).
  • Ongoing training, coaching, goal-setting and accountability.
  • Recognition of achievements and rewards for doing so (monetary, gifts).

Touching on the last point, I’ve been in business for myself since 2002 and there has never been a time when someone was keeping tabs on my achieving a new level in business, until now. My sponsor in this business is not only connecting with me to invite me to keep aiming higher but she also celebrates with me and to our group of peers when I do. That in kind of recognition is motivating and it’s nice and it’s something I didn’t know I was missing until now.

In the end Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM or whatever you choose to call it is a tool. Like money is a tool. Like affiliate marketing or internet marketing are tools. They can be used very honorably and ethically and it’s really your responsibility as an independent business owner to choose to only align yourself with company’s who only live up to high standards of doing the right thing.


Destroy negative self-talk so you can clear room for positive action.

I spent so many years of my life living with my own highly critical self-talk and I didn’t even know it!

It wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T.Harv Ecker that I realized I was doing this damaging behaviour.

So here’s what it looked like for me:

No matter where I went or whatever I did in my “real”, physical life, I felt people were looking at me and passing judgement. I think this came from bullying I experienced as a child where that is exactly what happened ever place I went and move I made when I was in school. I’d have this group of boys who slung a name at me constantly “monkey lady” and make monkey noises at me.

So I carried that with me. I thought where ever I went, IN PERSON, that someone was thinking bad things and so I wanted to shrink in order to avoid HEARING them SAY those bad things.

But then I went on to say them to myself. I’d pick apart all the possible things I thought people could or would say about me and think them in my head! It took up soooo much mental space and left very little room for the positive thoughts.

So that’s why I created this video. For the people who don’t realize they’re doing this to themselves or for those who do but don’t have a strategy to stop. In the video I explain the one little thing that helped me stop. I know this may not work for everyone but I hope it works for someone. I thought it was important to share, especially in a time like we are going through right now.

How Do You Earn a Living Online?

I asked my business friends on Facebook how they make money on the internet. The answers were so varied and awesome.Check them out or add your own here. So many things from affiliate marketing, product sales, direct sales, network marketing, coaching, services and more!

There are SO MANY ways to build an income. 
There are SO MANY businesses that work. 

In today’s email I wanted to share with you a bunch of things I KNOW work, I’m earning money from them personally myself! A close family member has been asking me about online business and how to earn online. While there are so many options I wanted to give him the one I think he could hit the ground running with quickly. So I’ve copied what I wrote to him below.

Direct Sales & Network Marketing:

Here’s what I told him:

If you want an awesome product to sell with the best company I’ve been in you should join my team lol. If you like sales it’s only $52 to try. The tower garden is amazing and yes it’s expensive but I think really worth it (you’d have to believe that, too). The capsules are where you really get long time recurring income because people and their kids get them. The capsules are whole food. They are fruits and veggies that are juiced and dehydrated. 30 different ones giving lots of whole food nutrition.

Then they have shakes, too, which I’m sure you could promote. But look in not trying to convince you for my sake.. Just a thought for you. I’ve been in ten companies and this is the best I’ve seen for product, company ethics and mission, training and teams. Also I really believe in the products.. The capsules took away my varicose veins, eczema and sugar cravings and I realize how crazy that sounds but it’s because of all the extra nutrition. 

My plan is 3-5 years and I’ll have a significant recurring income here. And I do believe that’s doable with this one. I moved up fast with it but I do have a community it fit with. Lots of people do it online but I could see you doing it person to person.

Anyway like I said this isn’t about me! I’m not trying to convince you. I wish I had a magic answer for you. 

I said it’s only $52 but also you should buy something, too. So shakes and capsules probably on a four month plan so you can speak to the product. So then that’s $52 + $180ish/month (for four months or pay all at once if you want). You earn 10% commission on your initial orders and then more when you move up. Only telling you all that so you know the real cost. 

I have 10 people on my team right now. I’m growing my business quickly because my belief in these products and the business is so strong. The long-term potential is solid because when people try the capsules and see for themselves how good they are they stay on them. If you’re interested in joining my team just hit reply to this email or friend me here and message me  – I’d love to talk to you! 

Another Way to Make Money: Your Own Products

Since 2006 I have taken what I know how to do and turned it into digital training to help more people. 

For example I wrote my first training, Overnight VA Success Story, after gaining a lot of clients in one day, eleven clients. I knew how much other people struggle to get a client or two so I thought it would be a VERY useful training. It’s been so useful that I revived it last year, updated it and still sell it from time to time (right now you can only get it as a member of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity). 

I have also taught people how to make their own graphics, back in 2008 when it was harder to get software with amazing templates and easy to use tools. I’ve taught people how to build their own websites with WordPress, which was not that easy, either, back in 2010 when I started teaching that. 

Now I run a membership site, I have since 2014, so that I can earn ongoing, recurring, monthly income. 

Another Way to Make Money: Affiliate Marketing 

Yesterday I email you about the CARD DECK I made after taking Rosie Batista’s course and how excited I am about that. Rosie and I planned to do a webinar together months ago and I decided I wanted to do a card deck for my business. I bought her course and signed up for her affiliate program. 

Whenever there is a product I’m excited about and know I will use and love I look to see if there’s an affiliate program. I see people going about this backwards and looking for affiliate programs FIRST. 

Fall in love with a PRODUCT… then tell people about it. Make sure you’ve got an affiliate link and that’s affiliate marketing.

It’s telling people about something of value that you ideally have personally experience with. I think it’s a MUST because you can’t sell something effectively if you don’t know it and affiliate marketing is simply sharing what you love to earn a commission (that’s selling) 😉 

Another Way to Make Money: Services

I got myself OUT of services because I wanted total lifestyle freedom but there is certainly a time in many people’s lives when you CAN leverage what you know for an hourly rate for quick cash. 

Services are wonderful for transitioning from a job or another business into the life you want to live because they give you that immediate money. 

There are more but let’s put a pin in that and think about this:

Look I could go on and on here but you get the idea…

So if it’s not for lack of ideas what is holding you back? 

Fear is the biggest thing that stops people. 

But what if I fail? 

What is failure to you? Never making money? Not making enough? Are you doing that RIGHT NOW? If so then the only thing that causes you to “fail” is an inability to take action. 

I LOVE to learn and earn. If I make a bit of money and learn something at the same time, great! Some lessons I won’t make money from and some cost me money. No matter what I keep going and growing and learning. 

How about you? 

Will you take action on something today?

Will you join me at Juice PLUS+ >>> Message me on Facebook & let’s dive in together!
Will you join me and make a Card Deck with Rosie >> Sign up here for the free webinar! 
Will you join me at MEconomy and get one on one coaching to build this lifestyle >> Join Here! 
Will you join me by grabbing my retiring training on building your list >> Get it here! 

Choices make the world go round. I’m glad to have so many! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂 

What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

I’ve gotten a few messages from friends in the last few days asking me “What did you decide about sending Ella back to school?”

So many people are wondering what to do right now for September. It’s certainly a topic on many a person’s mind, even if you have school kids or not. 

I’ve decided: My daughter will go to school. 

Of course things can change on a dime in 2020 so I’m open to making a totally different decision if need be but I do feel confident this is the best thing for my daughter with the information I have right now. 

But this message isn’t about my choice or your choice or any of that. We as parents have to support ALL parents and the decisions they make in the best interest of their child. 

What this message is about is what will happen WHEN we send the kids back to school. 

I’ve been thinking a LOT about what I want my life to look like. Covid has taught me that I can still do what I do in between life. When school starts up again I will suddenly have 25 hours of time EACH WEEK to run my business, 100 hours per month. That’s a lot of time on my hands considering I’ve been managing with little to NO time to focus. 

My suggestions for you if you’re suddenly about to come into some free time when the kids go to school:

  1. SELF-CARE first! My routine was given to me by my friend Charlotte Caunter from Health SHEro. What I do first thing is do a 10-minute mediation (I use the app insight timer), then I journal gratitude and other things, than a 15 minute workout. I will be doing a once a week hot yoga, too, come back to school.
  2. Nourish Yourself. I used to rush through lunches so I could work. NO MORE. I will make sure I get the nourishment my body needs and I’ll be pumping it with nutrition. One of my favorite ways to do that is to have a smoothie with Juice PLUS capsules (all REAL food), Complete Shake mix (chocolate), Almond milk, Almond butter and a piece of Kale from my tower garden. See this instagram post for more details.
  3. Life First, Then Business. I will NOT fill the time I have with work. I’ll take Friday’s to regularly do more self-care, I’ll decide how to leverage my work to get the BIGGEST results. 

This is likely what my day will look like:

7am – wake and do morning self-care routine plus workout
8am – wake girly for school
9am – beach for daily bit of extra journaling or planning of the day’s activities
10am – head to coworking
1pm – lunch & me-time
2pm – more me-time
3pm – pick up my girly
4pm – family time – FOCUS on family
5pm – 8pm – family time
9pm – review day and plan next

10pm – night time self-care
11pm – bed for full 7-8 hours sleep

Now of course I won’t perfectly follow this ALL the time but it’s on point to what I was doing before covid. My plan is to also take two weeks off during Christmas so I am going to work to get ahead on my emails and product launches so they can be ready to go over the holidays.

How did I get here? What were the steps?

Well let me tell you I wouldn’t be where I am today with having first been a service-provider. 

I quit my job in 2007 to become a Virtual Assistant. I ended up, after that, doing Affiliate Management, WordPress Design, Salespage Copywriting, Writing and Editing and more. 

The services brought me “now income” that I needed in the moment and they allowed me to hone long-term skills that I use over and over and over again in my business. 

I highly recommend to people looking to break into this business to start with services. Not only do you get the benefits above but you ALSO get an insiders look at successful businesses (if you choose your clients right). That insider’s look is priceless! So valuable!

So on Thursday I want to give you the goods. I want to teach you as much as I can pack into one 30 minute training about how to leverage the skills you have now into services and then how to transform that, over time, into a laptop lifestyle. 

You might not be able to make your schedule look like mine, to start, but if you put in the time for the hourly work to learn while you earn you can use a short time of a fuller schedule to create a long term lifestyle of freedom. 

If you want to attend this one-time training just go ahead and sign up at the link below to get updates:Turn Your Skills into a Laptop Lifestyle << Free webinar click there

People NEED Us: Why it’s time to show up and serve now.

Today on a meeting of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity I brought up two things I’ve been hearing multiple times in the last week or so:

  • “Covid has affected my business and now I’m out work.”
  • “I’m stopping my spending because I’m afraid all the job loss will affect my business.”

It’s true, things are different and times are changing but really that is NO DIFFERENT than what you could face at any other time in your life as you grow your business. 

It’s also really true that the only thing that stays the same is the fact that everything changes. 

My business is never set in stone. I’m more than willing and able to pivot my offerings and work mode to match what is happening in the world, in my family or in my life. 

The way I see it, you have two choices:

  1. Let fear keep you thinking there is LESS (opportunity, money, customers, etc).
  2. See the massive opportunity that comes with the changing state of the world. People need us now more than ever! 

I wrote my training, Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits, EXACTLY for times like this. The training teaches you how to first look at your lifestyle and decide what you want. 

And YES you deserve to design your lifestyle and work how you want EVEN during a global pandemic, ESPECIALLY during a global pandemic. 

So what do we do? How do we move forward? 

First, I think it’s important to take a look at the Levels of Consciousness chart. Here it is:

This chart shows where you are working from and by looking at it you can easily tell what you need to move through in order to work at a higher level in your life and your business. 

Me, personally, I’m usually in the Courage, Neautrality and Willingness stages. I sometimes drop down into Anger, Guilt, Fear. 

How true is the Anger part creates hyperactivity? Have you ever gotten into a fight with your partner and then start furiously cleaning? This is what happens when I get angry… I clean like a maniac which is kind of funny and also useful lol! 

BUT – we want to move into the ACTION phases and then into the areas of peak performances and where work feels so easy it’s just a joy! 

After you’ve set your mind to a higher frequency it’s time to LOOK for the opportunities that are all around you! 

What do you have to offer?

What have you offered previously?
What are your customers and clients needing? 

What could you create to solve a problem you see?

There are so many ways you could serve at any given time… it’s just a matter of believing that and taking action to make it happen. Do it today!

To help, I’ve create a webinar that goes live on Thursday, August 6th at 3pm ET. 

I’ll be sharing with you my story of how I’ve changed and pivoted in different life circumstances and how I went from job to services to products to freedom. 

Here’s what we’ll talk about:
How to take what you do well and offer it as a service for fast income and long-term business building potential.    

  • How to creatively pivot your current business or services to offer people what they need in our current world situation, and how to be the HERO they need right now. 
  • How to design what you’re creating so you create FREEDOM, and not a trap that sucks your time, so you work the number of hours per day that YOU want to work full stop. 

If you’d like to get the email reminders for this webinar, sign up here

I hope to see you there and if you can’t make it you can still sign up and get the recording. 

Wishing you nothing but the best and let’s just make 2020 a great year regardless of all the mess we need to wade through to get there 😉

Harder Hustle is Not Necessary and Often Damaging

Times are really hectic right now. The world is weird. But really it’s just life adapting and growing. 

We are pretty much done with “homeschooling”. My daughter is a very stong-willed girl and she just doesn’t get the idea of Mommy being her teacher so

I’m not pushing it. But you know what’s amazing? She’s teaching herself!

She found an app on my tablet that teaches you how to play piano and it’s AWESOME. It’s called Simply Piano and if you want to learn to play piano I highly recommend it!

The piano (keyboard) my daughter is playing below is actually mine, that my son claimed, and I never learned to play it. Yesterday, in 30 minutes, I learned to play C,D,E,F and G and used them in two songs. Blown away! 

For seven years that piano hasn’t been played by me, because I thought it would take too long to learn or it was too hard.

We do that, don’t we? We make things harder and more time-consuming than necessary. We either don’t do things because we think it will take too long or we just make them take so much damn time that we suck all the fun out of it! 

Well… this is something I was talking with one of my coaching clients with over the last couple of days. 

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Or Pareto’s Principal? It’s this:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. (Source: Wikipedia)

I have LIVED this rule. You’ve heard me say more than once that I was able to run my business while raising a baby who demanded a ton of my time. In the time I had left to work on business I ONLY did the most essential of things that I needed to do to grow my business – and grow it did! 
That’s why I highly encourage EVERYONE to do a simple exercise:

Take the time you are working on your business right now and divide it by FIVE – Then see what you can get done if you ONLY had that time to work on your business.


If you currently work 40 hours in your business a week, divide 40 by 5. You get 8 hours to work. What would you do if you ONLY had 8 hours to work? 

This is a smart method for you to use OFTEN. Because what happens is we fill all the time we have and we don’t force ourselves to really think about time-leverage, automation and outsourcing until we HAVE TO. 

So if your first response is that there is no physical way you could get all the work you have to do in 8 hours then the next thing you’ll ask yourself is how do you cut out some work or automate it or hire someone to do it or just do it faster yourself? 

These are all questions I was FORCED to ask myself. 

I recommend you force yourself to find the answers NOW – so you can create more lifestyle freedom AND so that you have the answers for yourself when life kicks you in the ass (and life always kicks you in the ass from time to time). 

In 2008 I worked about 60 hours per week and made about $38,000.In 2018 I worked about 25 hours per week and made $125,000. 
Earnings are definitely NOT tied to time worked. It’s about the how smart we work. 

I really encourage you to think about how much LESS you can work. Otherwise we fill the time with work. And I want you to make MORE money in less time, not less money in less time as that would defeat the purpose. Once you challenge yourself to that you’ll be amazed at how many shortcuts, automations, outsourcing and more tricks you pull out of your hat you never even knew you had. 

I can also almost guarantee you’d find things to do with your time that would make you feel refreshed, valued, taken care of – cooking great foods, reading, discovering new music or new hobbies, doing more golf or exploring another activity you haven’t had time to. All those things add MORE to your business, they don’t take away from it. Life is for living and when we bring those experiences back to our business it makes it more rich.

Anyway! … just things to think about. I hope you have a wonderful day today! 

The World Needs Your Help in Multiple Ways!

You know what’s happening right now? 

The world has literally stopped everything else they’re doing and joined the online world. Almost everyone is online.  

More people on social media.
More people looking at starting businesses. 
More people shopping for stuff they need, or don’t need. 
More people looking for entertainment. 
More people looking to be healthy and build immunity. 
More people interested in getting fit solutions.  

More people – ONLINE.  

It takes time to build a business like mine that supports you during a time like this. It took me about five years to get to a monthly recurring income from various sources that has me in a nice position to know I’m OK. It’s really great to have that recurring income coming in. Be it from a membership, recurring affiliate commission or other sources.  

That said – when money is in immediate need and while your business is growing I ALWAYS will recommend to my clients to look to providing some services in the meantime.  

When you provide services you have an immediate source of income

You won’t have to wait for your work to pay off or get screwed if you make mistakes and have to start over with your methods.  If you work for clients you can get paid hourly.  Hell – during a time like this I’m looking at all my options and I’m seriously considering offering a few little offers myself and I haven’t offered services since 2012!   I just think it’s really important to have multiple streams of income both WITHIN the business I am running and also outside of that business. 

Here are some of my current income streams:

  • membership site
  • product sales (group coaching, digital downloads, bundle sales, etc)
  • coaching
  • affiliate marketing

The FIRST profitable income stream I had was services. After many years of trying desperately to find a way to work from home that is what worked for me.  I had been networking with a mom group and when I decided to offer my services I posted a special offer of 10 hours for $50! My thought was if I could get my foot in the door to work with people I’d understand what they needed and how I could help them. It worked! I got eleven clients in 24 hours and never looked back! 

Now – I didn’t stay with services but being a Virtual Assistant has set the foundation for EVERYTHING I do today and I’m so grateful for that experience.  Yesterday I polished up and re-released an ebook I called Overnight VA Success Story. It tells you the full story of what I did to get that many clients that fast.

Here’s a challenge for you: Buy the ebook for $10 and TRY IT! You don’t have to make the same offer I did but make AN OFFER and see if you can’t make that $10 back really, really fast!  Here’s are a few examples of what you might offer:

  • Special rate on Trial Services – 3 hours for $45!  (I loved this method before going deep into working with a client).
  • 10 hours for $100 (still an amazing deal – or do 10 for $200).
  • Project based specials (example – I’ll set up 5 email autoresponders for $75 – then regular price is XXX)

To be clear this is not about discounting to devalue your services! It’s about removing the RISK of hiring you. People who want to hire a service-provider have no idea what they’re getting into. Prove to them you can do the work and you’ll be a joy to work with and you’ve got a long-term happy client! Just make sure they know up front your regular rates and that this is INTRO pricing!  I’ve released Overnight VA Success Story at $10 (vs $27). 

The price will go up to $27 by Friday so grab it now before you forget.  

How to get clients FAST & Five week action plan << buy now! 

(Real Examples) Ways I’ve made money online since 2002.

 (NOTE: Photo from my happy place by the local beach BEFORE quarantine – just so you know I’m following the rules 😉 ) Ways I have made money online since 2002: 

✔ Selling homemade soaps, bath bombs & bath & body products through an online shopping cart then mailing them to customers.
 I got paid directly from customers ordering from the website I created using the shopping cart software I set up. 

✔ Selling soy candles and building a team as part of a network marketing (direct sales or social selling as it’s now called).
 I got paid through the company when someone ordered the products or when my team members had orders go through for their customers. 

✔ Selling my services as a Virtual Assistant.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 

✔ Selling my services as an Affiliate Manager.
 I got paid when I did the hourly work. Then, I got pre-paid when I sold package and retainers for work to be done by a certain date. 
✔ Selling custom articles written by a team of writers (I owned a writing agency).
 I got paid when a customer ordered an article set. I paid my writers a set fee and kept the rest. 

✔ Selling my services as a WordPress Website Designer.
 I got paid when someone ordered a website setup to be completed by a certain date. 

✔ Selling courses on dozens of topics, .
 I got paid when someone registered for the course. 

✔ Selling digital training such as eBook, workshops, bundles of products, pre-created content and more.
 I got paid when someone bought the product through my website. 

✔ Selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.
 I get paid on a payout date after I send a company a customer. 

✔ Selling my services as a Business Coach.
 I got paid for providing coaching based on my vast experience and years of selling online. 

✔ Selling ongoing monthly support, community and training through a membership.
 I have run membership websites where people pay monthly (set up to automatically recur) for ongoing access. I’ve run memberships since 2010.  

Phew! Did I miss any? I’ll review later and see if I did. 

The point – I’ve been making an income online since 2002. I know how to do this. 

Right now is a time of great uncertainty for many people and it’s something we’ve never seen before but because I have earned money in so many ways I’m really not worried. I know that people have ALWAYS traded items and services for value. When it wasn’t money it was bartering. That isn’t going to change no matter what the world is going through.  

We WANT to be of service to each other and we all have different skills and abilities. Me – I’ve always been super curious to try new things. Even as I kid I tried every single craft and activity I can find. As an adult, as you can tell from the list above, I love to try different businesses and methods! 

This puts me in the unique position to have a perspective on a lot of ways you could build your business and help you find what will work for you!  

I LOVE when I match up with a person who I can help with what I’ve learned and so I’d like to wrap up here by telling you HOW I can help you: 

1. Group Coaching – I have a program running now with weekly group coaching. We have 50 people registered for this program and about 12 or so show up live each week. There’s room for YOU in the program and/or on the live call. I will teach you, week by week, what it takes to run an online business from the experience I’ve had in my 17+ years doing it. You can jump in ANYTIME! It’s not too late. On the payment plan your first payment is less than $30! Sign up here >> (coupon code: timeisnow) 

2. Member’s Community – My amazing community of people running their businesses online and doing so many creative things is something I’m really proud of! You can join us for only $37 or you can get a full year for $297 (OR – hit me up for an even better discount – shhh ;). Sign up here: 

3. Personal Coaching – I’d love to work with you daily, through email, and see what you’re working on. I help my personal coaching clients best when they send me a daily accountability message to tell me what they’re going to work on and then check in with me about what they completed the next day. This works! It keeps people motivated and gets them creating more results. I would normally charge $197/month for this coaching unless you commit to a full year but right now you can get coaching from me for only $97/month. Sign up here if you’d love to have me as your business coach! >> 

Who this is for: All my offerings are for people who already have a business idea and usually a website, an offer and they know who they’re talking to (who their niche is). These offers are not for someone who doesn’t understand anything about working online or who are questioning if they can offer value. I work with people who KNOW they have skills and value to offer and now just need the extra boost to move to the NEXT level. If that’s you – let’s chat (no pressure – send me a message). 

I look forward to working with you!!!

Confession Time: I Don’t Like My Business

“You know very well that destinations never matter… it’s what you learn along the way”
(Quote from Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 14)

The quote above is VERY fitting for this post.
It was a reminder to me as I was about to do some editing while binge-watching my current favorite show that where I THOUGHT I was going doesn’t matter, it’s what I learn along the way.

That’s actually really what this post is about.

Regardless, it’s a tough one to write for me. It’s tough to admit I don’t LOVE and ADORE every piece of the business I’ve build to over six figures gross income per year. I hit that six figure goal in 2018 and THAT seemed like the “where I was going” but then when I got here it really didn’t seem to matter – nothing changed. My world didn’t suddenly shift to six-figure bliss. It was mostly as it was before, with no real noticeable change.

Here’s my confession in full detail:
There are PARTS of my business that I don’t like.

It’s not everything but the parts are so significant to how I’ve been running my business I felt it’s time for a full out confession.

Before we get too far into that let me tell you why you should care:

  • Businesses evolve and people change. You might be going through something similar without realizing it.
  • I WANT to serve my customers and subscribers and followers in a MUCH better way and I believe that starts here, now.
  • I think it’s so valuable for you to see the problems AND solutions to those problems in a real way. By sharing this with you now I can also show you what I’m doing to FIX IT.

This is where I’m at now:

I’ve been running my membership, Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, since 2015.

Since then it’s had three different names and a bunch of different kinds of offerings.

Currently we are running quarterly collaborations, a weekly call, have a Facebook community and a training library.

I built my online business by selling products. First it was a graphics course, then it was a course on WordPress websites. After that I created a bunch of courses I wasn’t all that excited about.

I’ve written a TON of digital products.

I’ve written ebooks, ecourses, reports, worksheets, checklists, presentations and I’ve recorded audios and videos and presented more live trainings than I can count.

Everything I’ve created over the years has always been out of service. It has always been out of a deep desire to help people achieve what I had up to that point. The problem, as I think I see it now, is that I also did it with an urgency to earn money.

The Urgency to Create Income Doesn’t Create Passion

When I think about it I move into most of my business ventures purely out of a desperation to earn money and find the thing that “worked”. I made over $100,000 from my WordPress course and I created that because I was so tired and frustrated with working for clients and I wanted to find another way to make money.

Being an academics type teacher has never been a goal of mine or even something that excited me.
I don’t love making outlines or creating the course content or laying out the program.

I did it because I thought I had to.

AND – I’m feeling pretty done.
I’m feeling pretty tired of teaching in this format.
I’m feeling pretty sick of trying to figure out the outline, the best format, write the salespage and teach the training.

It’s just not exciting me anymore AT ALL.
I’m not feeling the need to teach any more marketing courses.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Turn the Page?

I was talking to my friend and accountability partner about this today and I said what I just wrote to you to her. I felt emotional as I said it but it also felt very true. I’ve actually been feeling this way since 2017 but I’ve fought it, tried to “get over it”, tried to just fix something I thought might have been broken in my process, my inspiration, my methods.

But the truth is it’s not my passion – course creation. Digital product creation WAS my thing once but now I’ll be happy to take it out of my skillset and move on to something else.

I also said to my friend “I just don’t want to teach anymore and that is unfortunate because I need to make money.”

That was short-sighted of me.

After I spoke out this truth my brain must have gotten to work in the background because ideas started flowing to me.

I thought if I said what I felt then I’d have to QUIT running my membership, DISAPPOINT my members and be left without an income!

That was not something I would willingly do so I think I’ve been avoiding facing this.

But now here I stand – facing it.

And what a time to face it. We’re in isolation right now, like much of the world. The world has in many ways come to a standstill and in this moment of pause it became really clear to me what I didn’t want.

I share it with you because as I write and create messages to you I want you to know where I’m coming from and what I stand for. It’s always been important to me that the person I buy from is committed to what they’re doing and to serving their customers needs in the BEST way they can.

You can ONLY serve in your best way from your zone of genius and I fully intend to open myself up to getting and staying in THAT zone, rather than the one I felt I had built myself into.

Surrendering the How & Committing to the What

  • I want to blog. I want to do what I’m doing right here, right now.
  • I want to do affiliate marketing. I want to share other people’s stuff because I am so good at telling people about stuff I love!
  • I want to build up my community. I want to support my members, share what I know in a way that fits me and bring in other people who know more than me to teach my members.

So I’m creating new plans.

They look something like this:

Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity – This is my main gig, my main business. I have members who’ve been with this membership since the very beginning and I love seeing them grow and thrive. I intend to dig much further into the theme of collaboration I’ve built into the membership and I’m looking into ways to get others to teach my members in a way it’s a win-win-win!

What I love about bringing teachers into LL YOU is that it really opens up the doors to teaching so many other topics that I’m just not experienced enough or have enough results in to teach. It will allow me to support members in the way I do best (community leader) and let others contribute to the membership in a way they’re great at. I can’t way to flesh this out some more and bring it to life!

MEconomy – Yes this is a course and yes I just hinted that I would rather stick a pickle in my eye than create another course. It’s actually a different kind of course though because it’s really a group coaching program. I am guiding students in live training and sessions and that I LOVE because I get to see and hear the lightbulb moments live and that lights me up. This course I am running now and for the next nine weeks and it’s not too late to jump into ANY week – now or in a few weeks.

Chasing Vegan – THIS is a new passion for me. I am coming up soon on one year of being a vegan and as I said above, I want to blog. I want to connect with people in this manner and I have had this dream of blogging since 2015. I LOVE words. I love sharing my feelings, emotions and thoughts with others and the content of an email to my list or a social media post is simply NOT ENOUGH for me. I want more ways to say what I feel and think and share what I know. Since Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity is my main gig, Chasing Vegan is my side hustle and you will be hearing a lot more about that in the near future!

I’ll admit I’ve been down about the LL YOU membership for some time now and it’s shown in the membership sign up rates. I thought I might just need to let it go and transition to something else but I’m not feeling that way anymore!

I feel that I can run Chasing Vegan AND Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and create a diversity in my income, which is so important right now for everyone in the world earning money.

Where You End Up Won’t Be Where You Thought

As the initial quote of this post says it doesn’t matter what the you think your business goals are right now because you’re going to learn so much along the way. That will change you. It will shift and grow and move and pivot your business to a place you would never have imagined.

Having worked with business owners for over 15 years now I’ve seen so many people agonize over getting that initial goal “right”.

I see people needing to get all their ducks in a row, as they say.

But what if it didn’t matter.

What if you picked a spot and headed for it because what you learn along the way will be so much more important than that thing you picked.

That’s the surrender I’m talking about now.

I’m throwing out the monetary goal.
I’m throwing out the ideas of what I can buy at a certain level of success.
I’m throwing out the perception that what I create has to be or look a certain way.

And, instead, I’m going with my intuition. I’m trying the guidance of my gut and I’m going to share what I know to be real and true and valuable with my community.

Covid19 – Beat Work at Home Isolation & Loneliness

Suddenly so many people are working from home because of Covid-19. Even with your own family it can feel very isolating, weird and new. I get it, I’m new at having my fam all home but the being home part is mostly just another day because I’ve worked from home since 2007.

I have previous isolation experience and I’ve got good experience with handling it.

It’s been a crazy time right now.

I’ve been thinking about how I can help.
I’ve been thinking about what’s most important for me to do right now.
I’ve been thinking about my family and their health (of course).

While we ARE isolated, we do not have to be ALONE!

Even if you are a single person isolating alone you have so many ways to beat the isolation blues.

I wrote a post a few years ago about how to beat isolation and loneliness while working from home and MOST of my tips were about going to events, meeting friends for coffee, going to coworking, working from the library, etc. Obviously not so relevant when you literally should not be leaving your house at all.

But I DO also have don’t leave the house experience, too:

  1. In 2007 I got myself into a rut that lead to burnout where I worked all day long, constantly, taking no breaks and neglecting my self care. I was isolating in desperation to earn money and it was bad, bad, bad (for me and for business).
  2. In 2013 I broke both bones in my ankle and had to spend about three months literally on the couch, getting up only for washing and bathroom breaks and eventually to get myself some food when I could move. It taught me a LOT about being still and being happy with JUST being YOU.
  3. In 2014 I had a beautiful baby girl and for the next three years I spent about 95% of my time and attention on her as she was high-demand and I was barely sleeping. The lack of sleep made me really feel like I couldn’t function resulting in a hot-mess-mom who did NOT want to leave the house.

So, yea, you’re looking at an experienced isolator right here lol!

When you can’t leave home, here are my best tips to keep you SANE, PRODUCTIVE and HAPPY EVEN:

Gratitide is magic pixie dust:

YEP, you know this!

I couldn’t help but notice when I broke my ankle home my people RAN to me to help.

Literally my husband rushed out the house when I called him from the sidewalk, got me a blanket to keep me warm and never left my side as we waited for the ambulance. My parents rallied to get my son at school. My son, when home, cooked me food, got me things and cleaned his room then took pics so I could see. I was on the couch, my leg in pieces (literally as they sent me home before surgery) and I felt so much LOVE that it was all OK. Weird, but true.

Maybe you don’t have this situation but there’s ALWAYS something good. Always something to be grateful for.

Look for that.

With Covid-19 there are so many things to be grateful for:

  • The world is letting the earth have a break with less vehicles from land and air spewing out emissions.
  • Most of us have the comfort to isolate with technology and have access to people and conversations at the click of a mouse. Not truly isolated at all socially.
  • We are seeing the responses of people who are HELPERS. People who are stepping up to find out what and how they can help.
  • The front line people. The people who didn’t ask to be hero’s but now are. If you do have to go out for groceries or any essential I bed it would brighten their day, and yours, to offer a heartfelt thank you to someone who serves you.

If you love pretty gratitude I have a wonderful friend and client Ruth Bowers who has so many awesome things you can print here. Oh and my friend Lynette Chandler has great stuff HERE.

Self-Care is Essential

Remember hot-mess-mom I told you about up above?

She was someone I lived with for FAR longer than I wanted to and I wish I’d done something about her sooner.

She made me stressed (about me).
She probably made me a bit depressed (about me).

You don’t want to get there – don’t go there!

A little self-care goes a long way!

I’m talking about:

  • regular showers
  • put your makeup on
  • do your hair
  • hydrate
  • get outside for walks (while social distancing of course)
  • stretch
Credit: SmartAssy Mamaツ

I’d like to single out the get dressed part because to me it was a really important one. Sure it’s a great novelty right now to wear your “daytime pjs” and your “nighttime pjs” but living and working in your pjs while letting the showers and the hair and the eating slip is a very slippery slope. Keep down this path and one day you might look in the mirror and wonder “WTF happened?!” … Ask me how I know! ?

creativity is theraputic

I bought three canvas boards for painting and we had a family painting session (hubby was at work at the time). I asked my teen son if he wanted to participate and he said YES, which surprised me.

I created this “art”. I’m no artist but I just wanted to paint my feelings. The middle is the threat we have to face right now and the darkness surrounding it. The circles and lines are the people joining together and the outside is the peace, calm and harmony once we beat this thing – and we will.

This was therapeutic!

You don’t have to paint, of course.

There are so many other ways to be creative!

Those are just the tip of the iceberg! Soooo many things you could create!

Here are more ideas:

Community is needed now more than ever

I run a paid online community, the Laptop Lifestyle YOU.

We meet every week and these last few weeks have been sooo important to me and, I think, to members. They know they have a place where they are welcome and where they belong. They know it’s SAFE. They know people are there to connect with them.

We NEED this kind of community right now.

Thankfully in this time in our history you can even find that on Facebook.

I’m so heartened to see people REALLY listening, really responding, really communicating on what was previously, to me, a noisy blasting of opinions and arguments. I don’t know if it’s just my gratefulness and positive attitude but what I’m seeing on Facebook right now is just an amazing pulling together. The fights and silliness over who’s right or wrong seems to have fallen away (for me at least) and I see the good.

I see the funny memes (love them).
I see the people asking how they can help.
I see the gratitude for front line workers.

Facebook is a free community.
I have a paid community.
Your family is a community.

Get your people on Zoom. It’s EASY to use and you can have a bunch of people in a room on video for a chat and fun. It’s great to reconnect that way!

My daughter has been using Facebook video calls to talk to her BFF from school. They’re six and my daughter takes my phone, goes off and chats for an hour – mom break!

And speaking of the moms – please don’t overpressure yourself to get this all perfect! It’s a stressful time. I’ll be honest and tell you I felt a twinge of guilt when I saw the moms posting about how they started homeschooling yesterday.

I haven’t even LOOKED at what I might need to do to make that happen. I’m running a business and a household and trying to keep my shit together and not stress out so, yea, I’m giving myself some grace about not getting my daughter a grade-A education for a few weeks. I know she’ll be OK and we’ll figure it out as we go!

Do you have anything to add to this?

These are the best things I could come up with based on what I learned in isolation myself but I’m sure there are more tips and tips for people in different life circumstances. What’s worked for you? What is helping right now during Covid-19 social distancing, isolation or lockdown? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

If there’s anything I can do for you, anything I can answer PLEASE reach out. I ALWAYS love to answer emails, help by offering guidance and support you but now so more than ever I want you to know to just let me know.

Peace, Love & Laptops!
Angela Wills ✌❤?