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Hey! How are ya? I hope life is treating you well and letting you have all the freedom in the world! That's what this website and my business is about - freedom. I LOVE to teach people how to leverage what they know and use the internet to reach thousands of people! I got started with my first website (for fun) in 1999 read more...

I QUIT Social Media (for 60 days at least).

My daughter is homeschooling this week which means no more beach trips together first thing in the morning. I can’t remember if I sent you a pic from last week.

Here we are >>> 

I LOVE being at the water, it’s my natural anti-anxiety treatment and much needed after the year we shall no longer talk about lol!

Moving into the new year I’m sooo freaking excited.

The possibilities.
The fresh start.
The goals.

I mentioned the other day I suddenly realized that I had been a bottled up writer and that I’ve let myself out of the bottle and boy have I ever.

The writing is FLOWING. I’m writing these emails so easily, when I used to feel so forced to do them before. The courses are pulling together and I’ll have more on those soon (I just wrote 1000 words from my phone while Ella was in class on my computer!).

I was hesitant to tell you about something right away but I’m confident I can tell you now.

I didn’t really have new years resolutions because I do believe in goals all year round but the fresh start to a year is motivating and there are things on the go, of course. So I adopt new and beneficial (to me) habits for at least the first couple of months of 2021 and we’ll see how it goes from there:

1. I QUIT Social Media

Yes, I did hesitate to tell you this in case I got scared and went back but I’m on Day #4 of absolutely NO posting, reading posts or commenting on anything (other than the 30-Day Challenge and the Fast Factor Challenges hosting in FB that I told you about).

I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram.

I estimated to my friend that these were taking up 3-4 hours of my time PER DAY. Yes – this was addiction. I’ve mentioned it before but didn’t talk about it all that much. I haven’t figured out how to monetize social media in a way I can see how useful it is and if it’s worth my time so I kept just going on there but you know what happens – rabbit holes, comments, articles, drama and so many things that had nothing at all to do with my business.

So I’m doing a Socialless for Sixty Days challenge to myself. It’s actually NOT challenging, though, which is surprising to me. I know I had the addiction, compulsion but then I was just DONE, done, done. And now I cook for my family, I’m writing more, I’m reading, I’m cleaning up way more and I might even get to organizing.

I’m on found time and so much less distraction and it feels SO GOOD.

2. I QUIT Sugar

I almost did this subconsciously. I’m almost 80lbs more now than I want to be and I have mentioned to you up above that I’ve joined the two challenges.

It just makes logical sense to me to eat really well. I want to improve my energy, productivity, good moods and ability to think and I know that sugar lowers your immunity. I’m looking at health, wealth and wellness in 2021 and I’m on a mission to make that happen. Happily I have my delicious shakes to replace the sugar cravings, and fruit of course.

My goals for the new year and how I’ll implement them:

My big goal for 2021 is to earn $500,000 this year or whatever year it happens in. As you know I had hit my goal of six figures in 2018 and it’s time to experience new growth so I can do bigger things in my business. Money does allow for greater impact and I crave affecting more change in the world.

I truly believe that my goal to say off social media is my message to the universe that I’m ready, I’m serious about this.

Here are the actions I will be taking to move myself forward on my goals

  • Writing a minimum of 1,000 words per day and a target of 3,000 words per day (I just wrote 1,000 words for a course on my phone while my daughter was doing class).
  • Writing daily to YOU, my community of subscribers, members and customers.
  • Strengthening relationships with my affiliates as it’s my intention to put my attention on those partnerships to help reach my $500k goal.
  • Creating processes and systems and hiring people to help me implement those.
  • Spend 30 minutes per day on my side hustle, Juice Plus
  • Increase my affiliate income by finding 5-10 awesome affiliate programs to work with, and increasing my work with the awesome ones I already promote like Cindy Bidar 😉

What I Need Right Now:

I’m highly focused. I have wellness goals, fitness goals, financial goals and money goals and I feel like they are ALL being pushed ahead at once because of the one “push” decision I made to get distraction OUT of my life.

I want to address the social media thing, though, to make sure you don’t get me wrong here.

I know social media works.
I know people who make a LOT of money and help a LOT of people ON social media.

It’s so tempting to stay on there with that knowledge and that’s why it took me so long to get off.

Am I gone forever? I don’t know that I’ve made that decision but I do believe that when I come back, if I come back, it will be in a much more controlled way than ever before. I want to NEVER again feel as thought I’m compulsively being affected by a device the way I have with social media ever again.

Here’s something you don’t know about me personally: I believe I might have adult ADD (and I believe I’ve had it all my life so really just ADD). I believe this after watching THIS VIDEO (it’s on Facebook because that’s what I could find just now in search) from Mel Robbins and then seeing many posts from Chalene Johnston.

After I watched Mel’s video I watched a bunch of other things from Chalene and I took a bunch of tests online and everything I read, watched or saw indicated to me that I’m highly likely to have ADD. This explains a lot of things for me, in my life, long term. I’m not diagnosed so I don’t know for sure but I do know that I’ve struggled with many things someone with adult female ADD does and that I need to manage those things FIRST before I add all the noise and overwhelm of social media BACK into my life.

Why do I write emails like this? Are you wondering?

This is me. This is how I share. This is what you’d get from me if we were having coffee chilling on the couch and chatting and I finally decided it’s time for me to do what I’ll do WELL and stop trying to do what I think I SHOULD be doing.

I hope this connects with you. I hope it helps.
I hope it gives you actions to take and inspiration to move forward.

This is what you can expect moving forward…. real, raw, unfiltered stories and tips and advice on a pretty-much daily basis.

I hope that works for you and I look forward to connecting with you.

I’d love to hear about YOUR goals for 2021. Shoot me back an email and let me know.

Are you playing to your skills?

Hey there! Do you feel like you’re in limbo right now waiting for 2020 to end? 

It’s a weird little week, the one between Christmas and New Years. Some of us are buckling down to get a jump on the new year and some are taking a very well deserved rest.

Today I wanted to talk with you about how LOST I got for the last seven years. 

This just occurred to me this week and it was some sort of freaking epiphany. 

Here’s what happened:

I had my daughter Ella in 2014. In the time before that I always wrote ALL my products. I took pride in my ability to make things easy to understand, I loved the connection I could make with the written word and I was a FAST writer (am a fast writer) so I could whip out content quickly basically writing my heart out and feeling really good about the good I was putting out into the world. 

Then my sweet, determined, head-strong, powerful, wonderful Ella came along.

And she CONSUMED my world and I kind of got sucked up whole for a while.

Yes, dramatic I know but if you knew Ella you’d know how very appropriate that is plus I’m practicing emoting in my writing again so it fits 😉 

It made sense at the time that I couldn’t write. I had literally 30 mins some weeks in those first few weeks to even try to think about business. So I didn’t do webinars or continue my writing habits and I did decide to put that down, but I think I meant for it to be temporary.​​

For three years after Ella was born I DID NOT SLEEP.
She work up every 2-3 hours for three years. And yaya sleep training, yaya good for me lol I am stubborn and would not let her cry and didn’t want her to sleep in my bed. Stubborn I tell you but that also equals determined and persistent.

So… three years I was a mommy zombie. NO IDEA how I ran my business in that time.

Then I was another year to recover and we’re into year four. 

Then in years five through seven I just got lost… I just FORGOT what I was really good at.

And then last week I remembered.

I used to write and write and write.

I used to connect and make a difference and make a big impact.

I used to get emails all the time about how my courses and my writing and my work made a difference. 

During the pandemic I got a message on Linked In from a guy who had taken one of my courses about six years ago and because of my course he didn’t miss a beat during this time. THAT is what I am craving again. I don’t want to make a little blip of a difference like helping someone get 100 people on their email list. I want to help people change their lives and I think my BEST BET at doing that is doing what I’m best at.

And that, is writing.

I’m a Writer.

It’s so weird that I FORGOT that. 

I blame baby brain. Then I blame just kind of thinking I wasn’t a writer anymore and I wanted to do something else. Then I also blame just getting out of the habit of writing.

So all that changes for me now. 

As you can tell I can write today.

I also got a keyboard where the keys don’t stick (yahoo game changer lol). 

In 2021 my goal is to write a minimum of 1000 words a day. I’m close already with this email/post but I also have products and salespages to write. 

I’m excited!

But let’s get back to YOU. 

Here’s why I’m telling you this. Ask yourself these questions:

What are you GOOD at? What is it that you do with ease and makes the most impact? Did you forget and get lost like me? Can you find it again?

Here’s something to help you with this. I came up with this idea that we can equate much of what you can do with online business to typical “jobs” that everyone knows about, like Writer. If you look at these jobs and see where you fit in with your skillset and desires and impact then you may find where you need to focus your attention. 

Here are the jobs:

  • Teacher – Create classes, live trainings and opportunities for you to teach.
  • Reporter – Report on what you know, what you’re doing, what works via blogs, emails, social, etc.
  • Coach – Work one on one or in groups with others to make big impact.
  • Writer – Consistently write and affect and impact with your words (courses, blogs, social, etc).
  • Speaker – Show up and speak and help people through your words AND expression.
  • Salesperson – Sell stuff! You don’t have to create it, even, if you’re the affiliate.
  • Manager – In this work you’ll need a team or you’ll work for someone with a team.
  • CEO – You’ll build a business to the point you can be hands-off.

I don’t fit into just ONE of these jobs. I would say I’m Writer, Teacher, Report, Coach and Salesperson at this point but my MAIN JOB is Writer now that I’ve come to my senses and seen how I have ignored my greatest skill for far too long! 

Where do you fit? I’d love to hear! Hit reply and let me know. 

Systems & Processes & Freedom & Stubbornness

I love this photo of me from a business photoshoot in 2019.

I’m kind of iffy about photoshoots because I DO want great photos to use for my business but I don’t want anything that looks or feels fake.

This photo is so real, though. We were moving from one spot to another and my photographer just snapped this one as I walked.

It represents so much of what I’m about and love… 

the cup carries a comfort drink and really to me that represents the comfort of having freedom.

the laptop was my lifeline to the world this year as it was for so many MORE people in 2020, and it represents creativity, freedom, communication and so much more.

the water is something that brings so much calm and peace to me, for me it represents home (island girl originating from the East Coast here) and how vast and varied and limitless things can be. That water is made up of tiny, tiny drops yet combined together they can do incredible things.

Yes, I love this photo.

It represents the best of what I’ve been able to do for all these years.

I’m SO PROUD of my accomplishments but I’m also not too proud to admit my mistakes.

And what’s been on my mind for about three days right now is the mistake I made in not taking strategy, organization and systems seriously.

I’ve known about how to organize a business since sometime around 2005 when I bought a business systems creating product from a lady who was called “The Systems Chick”. I don’t think she’s in business anymore but I loved her branding and her product was TOPS. I learned a lot there but I didn’t keep it in effect for my business and that was a mistake.

And then I heard about systems and processes and good business structure from many other people.

But I was being stubborn (who, me?  hahahah). I wanted to have “fun” and I think I thought that getting organized would suck the fun out of it. I wanted to be “carefree” and following some rules felt too stiffling. 

The problem is I failed to really see the rules would be all mine and they would make me MORE FREE, not less.

And my eyes were truly opened to this when Cindy Bidar released her new product Tiny Courses Empire and I went through it.

I saw how organized she was, how she talked about consistency and a snowball effect that happens when you repeat a process that works!

Like I know I said this yesterday and I’m not just writing marketing content here, she literally blew my mind with that course.

I think it was the classic case of the right info at the right time. 

Like I said I’d hear much of this kind of thing before but being stubborn as I am I wasn’t ready to hear it. But now that I’m into my third six-figure year (I think still need to do the books) I’m ready to bust some new barriers and I knew I wanted to spend the last couple of weeks of the year thinking about my strategies so it came at the PERFECT time for me to hear and HEED!

Obviously, I’m recommending Cindy’s course you can Buy It Here 

I have some other things you should know about, too.

2021 Here We Come is a series of prompts for you to DO and be accountable for to plan for your best year next year. The prompts are:

  • Get Your Planner Ready (free 2021 printable planner included)
  • Set Up Your Vision for Life & Business
  • Create Your Lifewheel
  • Set Your Financial Thermostat
  • Get Accountability in Place

These are NOT randomly chosen tasks. These are the exact tasks and practices I put into place to set myself up for increasing my business by 20% year over year and growing to six figures and beyond. 

I invite you to join in this accountability group and get these DONE for yourself. Instructions and downloads are also included to make it easy to do these tasks. 

Plus, isn’t it time to kiss 2020 GOODBYE! SO LONG! and move into a new year with new momentum? I say HELL YES!

Grab your printable pdf planner, your prompt lessons with assignments and join the accountability community for a one month $10 trial. If you decide to continue on and not cancel you’ll get in at the discounted price of $30/month (regular is $40/month). 

Grab your discounted membership with one month $10 trial right here: 

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How to Sell Anything

People think running a business, especially online, is complicated.

It’s not.

We’re seeing so many local businesses close their doors and it’s so tragic and heartbreaking that it’s happening on a large scale.

Changes over time often result in business owners having to change and shift. That part is not new.

Entrepreneurs know that people ALWAYS need and and want things and they are willing to exchange money for that, even in times like these.

The only option anyone is to continue to look for those needs, continue to listen, continue to be creative and a leader who sees to the needs and wants and provides a solution.

And, of course, the lower the cost for you to fill that need the lower the risk to you as a business owner.

That’s why I choose an online business after exploring all kinds of options… manufacturing, wholesale and retail of physical products, services, agency and more.

I landed on selling information and coaching because the actual costs of running the business are so low. The margins can be about 90% or more profit if you build organically and use just the basics or they can go up to 50% or not if you run a team and ads and use higher end tools but it’s all my choice.

I also earlier this year got back into physical products through a Network Marketing business. This kind of business allows me to serve a need without having to manufacture, wholesale, create packaging, create marketing materials, manage sourcing ingredients or hiring and managing employees. The company does all that and I share a product that has been impacting my life and my business. It’s a win for sure.

The theme here is that I’m not attached to running any particular “brand” or “store” or “product” particularly (though I am quite in love with Juice Plus at the moment).

What I am attached to now and always is SERVING MY PEOPLE.

I am fiercely determined to help you live an amazing life.
I am fiercely of the belief I can help and you can have transformation.

And HOW we figure that out isn’t nearly as important to me and making sure it happens.

So when I need to change things or sell something different of flip my business on it’s head to make this happen for you I’ll do it.

THAT is how you sell anything.

People ALWAYS want and need things. If I’m willing to do the legwork to make it easier for them to get what they want then I know I can ALWAYS be of service.

And this is where I get my calm, patience and clear demeanor even during a pandemic.

There was certainly no panic for me when hubby started saying “but people won’t have any money!”… Yes, he was in a bit of a panic at the start and I think he feared my income wouldn’t continue as it was. I knew it would and I knew it could and so I had no fear.

The old way of convincing people to buy what you’ve got CAN be done but it never feels good when you’re a person who’s in touch with integrity, honesty and being as ethical as you can.

The way of being of service ALWAYS feels good because you’re in it to actually HELP people, not convince them to part with their money.

Today I found out the Juice Plus website has been updated and I’m so excited how many MORE people I’ll be able to help get essential nutrition during this time where it’s more important than ever to have a strong immune system. Take a look here! EeekS!

Yesterday I announced to you a new product called “How to Create Pretty eBooks in Canva“. Price goes up on Thursday. Check that out if you’re looking for a way to jump into the world of serving people through products.

My very first digital product was an ebook. I had about 10 people give me feedback and then I went on to sell about $300 worth of that product. Not much but to me it meant SO MUCH because it showed me what was possible with an online business. That little ebook turned into the business I have today. Don’t underestimate the power of your ability to help people with your words!

Let’s talk again soon and please do hit reply and say hi or tell me what you think anytime, to any email.

If this email is helpful to you please share with someone you love or like ?

p.s. I have three coaching spots available for 2021 coaching. If you’d like my unlimited 20 min focus calls and email coaching Mon-Fri then do check this out. I close it Dec. 31st. Holistic Lifestyle Business Coaching Click Here (means you get coaching on all aspects of life that affect your business and we work together to see you as a whole person who is building a wonderful full business AND life!).

The Confidence to Take Action in Business & Life

Yesterday I downloaded an app to my phone called Reface.

10/10 for fun and enjoyment! I highly recommend.

But this email isn’t about the app.

It’s about me seeing something that was already there.

Matt always tells me he wishes I were more confident because I’m beautiful and I should own that. And I’m usually like: ok sure I’ll work on that babe. (By the way get you one of these kind of people in your life if you can because it’s amazing to have people who love and see you, even when you don’t see yourself).

This isn’t about Matt, either.

It’s about the beauty I didn’t see.

Here’s what the app does:

Yes that’s Gamora, from Guardian’s of the Galaxy, with MY FACE.

The app is super easy, super fun but something I did not expect it to be was super motivating.

Now sure I love the body and sure I’d love to order it in reality but that’s not what I’m talking about.

All my life I’ve struggled with confidence.

I was quiet and literally terrified of authority.
I was bullied in grade 8 which made me shrink back into myself more.
I then had skin issues for most of my adult life that made me want to hide my face.

But these videos made me see:

I see beauty.
I see confidence.
I see possibility.

And the thing is you HAVE TO SEE IT in order to make it happen.

I’ve been walking with my back straight all day today.
I took the time to do my hair in a fun way and pop on a little makeup.
I made good breakfast choices today so that’s a good start on nutrition.

And you know what?

I see the beauty in me.

That’s a big deal.

So is visualization.

Visualizing is a powerful tool to start changing habits and taking actions that get you to where you want to be in your life.

And these videos helped me with the visualizations I just didn’t / couldn’t / wouldn’t get to on my own that I now see as another version of the person I AM but just without all the baggage holding me down and telling me I’m not good enough.

Now I’m not saying the Reface App is a magical tool that will get you whatever you want out of life, that’s a big stretch.

It is a fun app and by chance it let me see the beauty that Matt sees in me each day, it let me see my face on confident, powerful, take-charge, strong women and that let me see myself that way.

I’m going to carry that with me for quite some time.

In case this isn’t clear.

I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking about ALL of us.

How many times do you believe you’re not good enough?
How often do you think you’re not pretty enough?
How often do you think that nobody wants to hear from you?

Well that’s all the things and experiences from the PAST pulling you down.

I know that’s how it has worked for me but despite this I continued.

What if you could see that beauty inside you?
What if you could know you were born with extreme value and it never goes away?
What if you could believe your voice matters even if nobody seems to care right now?

Think about those three questions, maybe try the app (it’s super easy) and see yourself, YOU (don’t try to be Gamora) as the powerful, beautiful, strong and capable person that you are.

Cheers and have an absolutely amazing day!

Is Creating a Lifestyle Business Worth It?

Two different people told me yesterday in two different ways that they want the advantages of a recurring income business but the work part and the marketing or putting yourself out there part seems sooo overwhelming to them.

I must have put my subconscious mind to work on this because at 4am this morning my head was full of this message. So much so that I had to grab my phone and type it out while still in bed.

I mean this, all of this:
Creating digital products and courses to sell online is a mental and emotional roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Yesterday I had two separate conversations with two people interested in selling online. They BOTH told me they wished there were some magical way that their products could sell, that it would be easy and worth it, basically. 

My reply was that I do, too! 

I also wish someone would just hand me a 3-6 month plan, tell me to just do the work and it would all work out.

But the problem is NOBODY can predict to you how or if it will work out. 

No product launch is a guarantee.No offer is a sure thing. No business model is going to be the perfect choice. 
It’s not like that. 

My one friend thought she had to pick the perfect idea and that she basically had one shot to get this right. 

There IS a method of creating a business where you pick an idea and then put all your money, time and effort into going all in with that. If you can afford to gamble and are willing to pick yourself up and keep going if it doesn’t work out, then sure, do that. 

I’ve NEVER done that.

I’ve never put all my time and effort into creating a business or product that I didn’t know would sell. 

Matter of fact 99% of the time I SELL my products BEFORE I create them (hello pre-launch, time-based webinars and workshops, etc). I want to know there’s an interest and that I can get customers through the program to actually help me make it awesome before I proceed.

So if you’re into high risk and high reward I’m not your gal. 

If steady and consistent progress suits your fancy then you are in the right place. 

You see what I wish you know it’s that, yes, it’s hard. Yes, it takes work. Yes, it’s frustrating and yes it’s a ridiculous roller coaster ride. 

There is a whole industry built on trying to tell you it’s easy or give you tools and products to “make it easier ‘ for you and I think that’s a terrible problem in the online business world. 

The work is your entry fee.. 

Imagine a world where you get to do anything with your kids, family or friends anytime you want. 
Imagine a world where nobody owns your time but you. 
Imagine a world where your income potential is not limited by the hours you work. 
Imagine a world where you have total lifestyle freedom. 

It’s hard to believe it at first, I know, or believe it’s for YOU, but I can assure you such a world does exist. 

I live in this world every single day and I know dozens of others who do the same. We’re not more special than you but we have made a choice, a choice to make it happen regardless of how much work is required.

Because on the OTHER SIDE of that work is a payoff.

But what you’ve got to decide is it worth it to you?

Are you willing to do the work?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen or are you, before your even start, looking for ways to get out of it, coming up with excuses, trying to make it easier? 

Look… It’s not my place to say if creating this kind of freedom is worth it to you, that’s up to you. 

I know some people who love having clients. I know some people who are happy to be employed. I know people who enjoy being booked up with calls and appointments. 

And for them the work might not be worth the rewards. I worked so hard to get where I am today. And to be clear that is a just over six figure gross business income earner with no ongoing clients since 2012. I exclusively earn all my income from digital products, a membership, affiliate marketing and now also network marketing.

I have total lifestyle freedom now but I was so ridiculously willing to do any work I had to to make that happen. 

I made that decision AFTER I tried other business models that REALLY didn’t work for me, didn’t make me happy and ultimately didn’t let me live life the way I wanted to.

It didn’t come cheap. It didn’t come easy. It didn’t come without fears, tears, frustration and more. 


I mean I’m not sure I can be any more clear? 

What it came down to is it was worth it. 

I’d do it all again and more. 

My work is not done, either. 

I have more hard work to do as I move to a new level in business and life. 

In my self-reflection, I’ve decided that my upcoming success, my “next-level” is attached very closely to nutrition and self growth and tackling this stage could be 10x harder than any work I’ve done this far but you know what?…

Sign me up!
Sign me UP!

Give me hard. Give me challenge. Give me growth. 

Working a job you hate is hard. Being dependent on others is hard. Having a life that isn’t your own is hard. Being in a toxic (work, family, living) environment is hard. Not making enough money to live life as you want is hard. Not having freedom is hard. 

You already know how to do hard. It’s simply time to pick which hard you want and decide is it worth the work to get to the business and lifestyle you want. 

You get to choose. 

All my love ?Angela

Types of Income for Lifestyle Business Owners

A lifestyle business is a business where you put life FIRST.

You truly own each and every day.

It’s a different kind of business than the tradition sense because freedom precedes all other goals and priorities.

In order to make this lifestyle happen you MUST be aware of the kind of business you are creating and then PURPOSEFULLY do what delivers you maximum impact AND time freedom.

Here are the categories I’ve decided are most important for me:

When I quit my job in 2007 I was all active income.

I gave ZERO consideration to what I wanted my life to look like.

At the time I was a single mom with such LOW self-confidence and self-esteem that all I wanted was to replace my income from the $3000/month factory job I had. Not that it’s bad to make $3000/month, there’s no shame in that BUT I just didn’t dare to dream any bigger and I didn’t dare to think to do anything other than the only thing that had worked to make me actual profit since I had started five years previously.

So I sat at my desk and I served my clients as a Virtual Assistant.

My clients were happy! I did great work!

But my life SUCKEEEED.


My son saw just the back of my head for about 8 months straight and that was after having me as a mom who was moonlighting to build my business for nine months before that. Now my parents were just upstairs so they played with and helped with him all the time while I head-down focused.

But for all that work, all that “active income”, I was working hard but not smart at all.

My time was NOT my own.

It got to a point where I quit. I was going to go back to work.
I went for ONE job interview and I did not get it.
I decided to build a BETTER business.

So in 2008 I created my first course.
In 2009 I started growing my affiliate marketing income.
In 2010 I created a signature program.
In 2010 I started running membership sites.

That’s a combination of ACTIVE, RECURRING and PASSIVE incomes, there.

I encourage you to take 10 minutes, go on, right now and think about what income types you have in your business TODAY.

Then think about the lifestyle they afford you. Is it what you want?

Yes? Good! You’re on track.
NO? That’s ok! It’s time to make some new decisions, though.

I would LOVE to hear your results. I’ll even give you my thoughts. Shoot back an email at and tell me where you’re at.


p.s. Membership Impact is my program that will guide you through an EASY process to create a successful membership site. Join here!

How to Start, Grow and Market a Membership Site

What Will You Learn in Membership Impact

Here’s how it works :

Training – You’ll learn important steps and psychological information to help you run a successful membership site.

Action – You’ll get easy to follow steps and regular action to take on a timeline you determine.

Accountability – I invite you to contact me in two ways to keep fully accountable to create results for yourself.

No I don’t train you on a surviving software but, even better, I teach you how to use any software to create a membership site!

You’ll feel confident knowing how to use software to achieve your membership goals and you will even discover how to run simple membership with programs you must likely already have!

Plus, let’s take the stress out of this process. It should be fun, easy and something you WANT to do and it can be that way!

I have so many things to share in this. When we start you’ll get the full roadmap to starting and running your membership in lesson one and then what we’ll do is dive deep in with lessons, action plans and accountability.

Look forward to having you join us!

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Giveaway of My New Program: Membership Impact

I started running membership sites back in 2010 for a very specific reason and that was to LEVEL out my income.

When I was launching my WordPress courses, that were going GREAT, my income was like a roller coaster ride that I did not like being on.

I made the decision to start a membership so I could have a base of income each and every month that supported my essential bills. This would alleviate the stress of having to hustle just to pay the bills and allow me to do my work above and beyond that!

Memberships have many other advantages, too:

  • Your greatest fans WANT to keep spending money with you. You make it easy for them with a membership and so you keep getting paid from your top fans.
  • The know, like and trust factor increases significantly with your members. They start to be like a family of customers that are more loyal and dedicated to your offers than a traditional customer.
  • Your higher end offers will be sold easier and more often to your members than anyone else. Things like coaching, VIP days, retreats or large training programs are a perfect fit to sell to your members.
  • You get to experience the effects of compounding income. This means over time your business grows and compounds into bigger and bigger income because of the recurring nature of the payments.
  • You’ll become known as an industry leader because of your commitment to your community and your dedication to the content.

Membership sites are well worth considering and, if it’s right for you, making happen!

Membership Impact is my new program to teach all I’ve learned over the last 10 years to run successful membership programs. It was time for me to spill all the beans. We start on Nov. 9th and right now you can join for only six payments of $35 or one payment of $170.

I thought it would be awesome to do a giveaway of this program.

One person will be gifted my full program.

How to Enter for This Giveaway:

  1. Share this post on social media. Facebook or Twitter are most ideal, or Linked In if you’re more active there.
  2. Read the full page on Membership Impact HERE
  3. Comment below that you shared AND why you’d like to join Membership Impact

Make sure you do ALL THREE of the items above in order to qualify for the giveaway.

Winner will be posted on this post.

Thank you so much!

How to Always Know What to Sell

How do you decide what to sell in business?

I get this question often.

The answer to how I decide what to sell is simple.

I sell what I’m excited to sell and what I think will help someone.

Example 1. Memberships

I’ve been running membership sites since 2010. It stabilizes my income. It allows me to know I’ll have constant recurring income. I know I can teach this to others. I know it can be useful and powerful. I also have asked members of my own membership if they’d like to learn how to create their own. They said an enthusiastic YES. So I’m excited to teach this and I will. I’m starting with a low cost ebook to test the response and I’ll likely do a masterclass or a full course or both.

Example 2. Juice Plus & Tower Garden

It’s important to me now more than ever to get healthy. I’m in a position right now where I eat better and have better nutrition than I ever have in my life. This change of lifestyle has created physical improvements in areas like skin, veins and mobility. I’ve seen the effect on my life and I’m very very excited to share these changes. It’s an easy decision to sell the products that were a part of creating these results for me.

So often people are looking for “the best product” or “the best service” to create or sell and they think the answer to that is outside themselves.

The answer is WITHIN.

The energy with which you approach each new project is transferred TO that project and if you come at it with a low energy because you have no attachment to it then it’s not likely to work, or if won’t feel fulfilling if it does.

What do YOU want to do?
What will make you feel excited to share?
What value can you offer?

If you’re coming up blank then just get out some paper and write out EVERYTHING you can think of that you like, that you’re good at, that is fun, that got you results, that improved your life etc… You’re almost guaranteed to find a few things to sell just from that exercise!