A Day in the Life of a WAHM

I’ve often been asked what a typical workday looks like to me.

I’ve put off answering that. And put it off. And put it off. 

The truth is I’ve never felt organized enough, disciplined enough or that I have enough GOOD habits to share my typical day with you. 

But maybe that’s why I SHOULD share it with you. 

So that’s what I’ll do today. 

A “day in the life of” a mom, with suspected ADHD (I will go get that confirmed or denied.. eventually ) and an overall “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person.

I’ll tell you what it looks like and what I do to mitigate my tendencies to get bored, distracted or attracting to something shiny 🙂 

Today’s a get cozy and read kind of email that I hope you find super helpful! 

A Day in the Life of a WAHM… 

I don’t wake up on schedule in the summer. It’s pretty random.  

It’s important to me to get enough sleep so I try to be asleep by 12am at night but that doesn’t always work out. I end up getting up around 8am or so. I get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. 

In the winter I’m up by 7:30, back home after dropping Ella at school by 9:30 and working by about 10-10:30. I finish up around 1-2pm, have lunch then pick Ella up by 3:30. That’s about 3-4 hours of work at day. I’ve GOT to be focused. 

In the summer I can’t even predict my hours. 

The beginning of the summer was a write-off for work. I barely did any. This past two weeks I’ve been at the computer A LOT. But then the next few weeks are going to be a mixed bag because I can’t make Ella sit at home while I work every day. 

Back to my day….

First thing I do in the morning is email my accountability partner.  Often I do it before I even get out of bed. Usually because I know when I do Ella will get my attention and I don’t like leaving it because it might get missed. 

It’s often said to stay off technology before your morning routine and that seems smart – tell me how that goes. When school is on this is what I do, though. I don’t check my phone or send my accountability until after I get Ella to school. Summertime rules are different. 

After I send out my accountability to Cindy (who’s six figure system sale ends tomorrow ;), I then have breakfast (usually a smoothie), get dressed (usually) and get ready to send an email to my list – my number one job. 

Before I email my list I clear my inbox. It’s not a great habit. It can distract me for hours, if I let it. BEST thing for me to do is use an app I have called Boomerang to pause my inbox – which I sometimes do. 

Email gives you a dopamine hit. I know it. It’s why I’m in there a lot and I leave the tab open. When I get REALLY serious I pause the inbox and close the tab. There’s nothing in there that’s urgent but my brain loves the “Inbox (4)” notice showing me someone new has something for me. 

I don’t get my hits from social media anymore. My addiction just transferred. I’m working on it. Imperfectly Perfect as Ella and I say 😉 

During that day I’ll do a variety of other things, whatever was on my list and based on my upcoming projects. The kind of things I could/would do include:

  • Creating a salespage in ThriveCart for a new coaching program, class or my upcoming Membership (yay!).
  • Emailing my coaching clients. 
  • Making videos for coaching programs. 
  • Creating a presentation for a class or coaching program. 
  • Interacting in my community in Heartbeat. 

Other things I do that help keep me on track in business:

  • Using Miro (this is new to me) to plan a calendar. Been doing most of July and it’s working great, feels easy and fun. I refer to this daily to see what upcoming projects I’m sending an email about that day/week.
  • Accountability – it’s mentioned already but seriously if I didn’t make that daily list and then work towards it I’d just be floundering around.  If you don’t have an accountability partner you can join THIS AUGUST CHALLENGE – and really move the dial on YOUR business this coming month. 
  • Mindmaps with my projects and ideas. I refer to this almost daily. 

During the summer I’ve been working a lot from the couch or the kitchen table. It’s mostly because I feel guilty leaving Ella alone while I work. I will get back to my office in September, or sooner. I also really want to redo my son’s old room into a nice office. 

In that picture above that’s me in the “office” with the walking treadmill that I haven’t touched all summer. I DO use it at least a few times a week when I use the office, usually. I’d love to tell you some great story on how I lost a ton of weight while walking and working – maybe someday. 

My focus, right now and always, is email marketing. 

The daily emails. 

The daily accountability.

Knowing what I’m selling next. 

Consistently sending out to connect with my list (aka YOU!). 

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Angela Wills
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