13 Reasons to Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

You know what? I’m just going to say it:

I’m so determined to turn you into a member of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.
Why? Because I know you’ll love it ♡.

♡ I know you’ll love it because I can say, with prejudice, that we have the BEST business owners of all varieties in our group – parenting experts, self-care coaches, affiliate marketers, writers, authors, speakers, resume trainers, hr professionals, doctors, teachers (the school and the business kind) and so much more!

♡ I know you’ll love it because a need for community and feeling like you belong is ingrained in us since the time of the caveman (except without it, they’d die). 

♡ I know you’ll love it because we get RESULTS. Results that equal to more subscribers, more products created, more emails being sent and more sales being made. I know this because my members tell me this as a direct result of their membership (You can scroll down to the bottom of this page to read their own words). 

My Intention is to be the BEST Membership For YOU

I set out to create on of the best memberships for heart-based businesses doing their thang on the internet! It’s my mission to create a “WOW” experience for you, to support you, to help you grow, to connect with you and guide you to YOUR Laptop Lifestyle.
It won’t be easy (see this post) and it’s won’t be super quick. It WILL be worth it!
You’ll need time, discipline, GRIT and a sense of confidence that might be a tiny spark you need to grow into a giant FLAME – but you can do this!

With Commitment you CAN Build Freedom, Crack the Overwhelm & Claim the Laptop Lifestyle

With commitment, you’ll get there and I’m determined to help you do so.
In my efforts to woo you into what some say IS the best business group online, here are my 13 best reasons to join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity:

  1. Training Library, Fast-Action Plans and Challenges to give you big wins and small wins and get your business in motion.The training library contains programs I sell from $27 – $97 or more each that are included in your membership. 

  2. Bonus Gifts for Members from Time to Time! It’s important to me to reward my members for taking action in the membership and from time to time I’ll just randomly award a gift here and there to community members I see taking the time to contribute and participate in the community.

  3. Massive 50% discount on all other products I create and coaching programs. Honestly I include MOST of what else I create but some things are outside the LL YOU, like my signature program MEconomy which currently is regularly priced at $397 and will be going up to $597 before the end of the year. Annual members will get a 50% discount on that program! 

  4. A Leader (Me, Angela Wills) who REALLY CARES about your success. >>> It is so important to me and it makes me cry happy tears when my peeps tell me I truly helped them.

  5. You Won’t Be Alone. >>> We know for a fact that working from home is isolating. It can get into some seriously concerning issues like depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), because the nature of our work is that we don’t leave the house. Connecting with others is essential and in this group, you won’t be alone.

  6. Accountability. >>> You want us to hold you responsible for something? You need to get work done? Come post it in the group and be accountable to get it completed.

  7. Get Answers to Questions as they Come Up. >>> We have members in many ranges of businesses from Writers to Yoga Instructors to Parenting Experts to Virtual Assistants and more. Most of us build some sort of online offerings from written reports to group coaching courses to services and more. With the variety and a focus on a freedom business using online marketing methods, you’re very likely to get help from a few of close to 200 members in the club!

  8. Friends! >>> Some of the BEST, best, best friends I’ve ever made have been through an online membership group just like the one I run and it’s a large part of the reason I run it. Join us and make really awesome friends, because we have awesome members.

  9. Member’s Only Perks & Freebies >>> I’m working with partners to offer member’s only perks and freebies. 

  10. Member Spotlights to highlight the awesome things our members are doing.

  11. A Member Special Offers permanent section where you can advertise your business via a special offer you make just for us. This is a great way to make your money back from being a member. We LIKE to buy from each other! 

  12. Regular Weekly Strategy & Business Meetings so we can talk what is happening in our businesses and the actions we need to take to grow. These start up again in September and run all year long (with breaks from time to time). 

  13. AND THE BIG ONE – We do a member collaboration every three months. Our September collaboration is a bundle sale where all annual members (or 60 day alumni) are invited to participate. What you do is offer a real, true-value PRODUCT as part of the sale. We sell the bundle for $27 and there usually about 40+ products included. This create HUGE VALUE for our community while allowing you to potentially add dozens or hundreds of new people to your email list. We have had members regularly add over 100 people to their list. PLUS you can promote the sale ($27) and earn 75% of the sale as an affiliate. So you could end up end up with a finished product, a built list AND money… by working with our community. 

I am a VERY PROUD Membership Mama!

I am so, so proud of my club! I’m proud of my members! Heck, I’m proud of me. I had the vision of this club in 2015. I worked at it until it hit just the right sweet spot and now I’m hitting the momentum with it where we’ve got awesome content, awesome meetings and awesome members. LOVE IT.

It is perfect? Are WE perfect? HECK NO! We’re regular ol’ Joe’s (as in Joanne’s as we’re mostly women, though men ARE welcome, too!)… We’re real people. We’re working on our ACTIVE, PASSIVE & RECURRING income to build a true laptop lifestyle with complete business lifestyle freedom.

So go grab a coffee, or tea, water or Kombucha… up to you… and click the link below to sign up. Then, pop on in, get cozy, get to know us and let’s all build this wonderful lifestyle together.


Click Here to Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity!

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