10 Steps to Take to Create Your Online Business

Here are the things you need to do to turn what you know into a business:

1. Clearly define who you want to serve. You have to move people into action with your content and offers and you can’t do that if you are speaking generally. Your message will be clear and motivating IF you know who you’re talking to. 

2. Determine how you will make money. It’s important to understand the different ways you can make money online and then make a clear decision on how you will do that. 

3. Determine what you will sell.  The more products you offer, the more chances you will have at figuring out what your market will really respond to. Regularly review your product offers and do the math to make a reasonable guess as to how many you can sell and how much money you will make that month (based on the resources you have). 

4. Create your customer path and build your community. Without a community you won’t have anyone to sell to. This is your email list, your social media and anyone who you can connect with and offer value to. Before you get your community going, create a path for them to become a customer for you, so they know where to go once they join your community. 

5. Gather and setup the technology. Stop looking to model other people with their tech! Use just what you need to get results NOW. Too many people underestimate that it takes time to learn new software programs – don’t put the pressure on yourself to learn 10 new things at once. I usually take about six to nine months to learn to use a new program and then I stick with the ones I know! 

6. Create your products. eBooks, eCourses, Group Coaching, Video Training, Workbooks, Printables, anything! The format of a product doesn’t matter nearly as much as how it SERVES your people. Do that. Focus on that – the service. 

7. Prepare your mind. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Prepare your mindset for success with books, motivating mentors, etc. 

8. Create sales content that makes sense. Learn how to write compelling content. You have to SPEAK to your audience, let them know who you are and what you stand for. It needs to make SENSE to them and have high value before they’re going to part with money to work with you. Believe in your offers and learn some good copywriting techniques. 

9. Step into leadership. People will be looking to you and as the owner of your own business it’s time to stop needing someone to tell you the answers and know they are within you. You can do anything if you believe you can. 

10. Get the word out. You must be marketing your business consistently if you want a consistent flow of sales. Find methods that are the easiest for you and if they can be automated, awesome! 

This is how I built my business. 
This is how I helped others business their business when I was a VA.
This is how I now TEACH people to build their businesses. 

If you’re ready for this and you’re looking for intensive help to get this done, a guide who’s there by your side day after day then this is what my program MEconomy (ME Economy) is about. 

We go through each of these topics week by week for the next seven weeks (first three ready for you now).
I live-train on Tuesdays from 1-3pm ET and that also includes a lively Q&A session with lots of questions and help. All sessions are recorded and posted into the customer area.

PLUS we have a Facebook group and you also get FREE RETAKES of this course whenever I run it live again. 
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If you have any questions on this program at all just shoot me a reply to this email (angela@angelawills.com) 
Talk soon! 

Angela Wills
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